SnaggStuff, New Deal-a-Day Site

Most of you are probably familiar with and their “one deal a day” marketing strategy. They also have the famous Bag of Crap, a bunch of random items thrown into a box and shipped to the person for $3.00, plus $5.00 shipping.

snaggstuffmysteryboxWell, SnaggStuff has implemented pretty much the exact same thing into their website. They have one deal every day, with the occasional Mystery Box. The idea behind the Mystery Box is they toss around 5 items into a box, you pay a bit of money, and you’re supposed to get more than you paid for. They even tell you how much the box of stuff should retail for. The latest one retails for $50 and they sell it for $15. Well, I bought two of them, and will be posting up everything I get once the boxes come in. Along with this will be a mini-review. If I can get it all working and set up properly, I’ll also post a video of the unboxing. Let’s hope I get some awesome stuff!

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  2. I can never get a bag of crap on woot. I’m excited to hear about your mystery box from SnaggStuff. I also found a site that does mystery boxes. I’ve ordered two and both were really good. I’m checking back regularly on their other deals waiting for my next shot. It’s called

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