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Lost Enterprises is actually a surf board company, which may surprise some since they’ve churned out several stellar drinks. But don’t be fooled my friends, Lost didn’t achieve its reputation of producing delicious energy drinks on its own. The folks over at Monster were actually the ones who concocted this killer series of drinks, which easily explains everything from the original flavor and sensational aroma to the powerful kick.

Straight from the can:

From the garages of San Clemente in Southern California, where you can surf, skate and snowboard in the same day, came …Lost Enterprises. Lost grew into a super mega multi-conglomerate corporation and in our pathological obsession of global domination, we decided to formulate a drink to hypnotize the minds of the masses… Actually, that’s not true. If you’re gonna surf, skate and snowboard all in the same day, you’ll need some energy to go out and party afterwards. Most energy drinks suck, so we had the crew at MONSTER make us one that actually works, tastes good and mixes even better. …Lost Energy Drink, a bad influence from …Lost Enterprises.


Lost’s aroma is surprisingly subtle, which is strang since Monster Energy prides itself of a powerful, tantalizing scent that would make any schoolboy cream his pants. The smell is soft yet carries a sharp, salty/sweet bite that gets your mouth watering. Perhaps it’s best, in all honesty, that the aroma isn’t too strong. Lost was aiming for a drink that could be enjoyed by everyone, and the casual drinkers probably wouldn’t respond well to something that burns their nostrils.

The drinks flavor is thoroughly delicious. While it is true that it can’t compete with Monster, it also can’t be compared. I worried that Lost Energy would taste nearly exactly similar to Monster’s original brew with minor tweaks to the formula, but it thankfully carries its own original flavor. Like Monster, though, the flavor can’t be compared to much of anything and is thoroughly original. It may be most similar to Rockstar only lighter, sweeter, and far more delicious.

Did that last comparison to Rockstar Energy Drink give you a little scare? Well don’t worry, the similarities are only minor and if you are fearing Lost will carry the same jittery, shaky kick as Rockstar then go ahead and lay those fears into the grave. This drink carries a true Monster kick, the most powerful and satisfying jolt you can find anywhere. No crash if you are a hardened vet, and the boost lasts a good long while. It’s been a while since we’ve found a drink that carries the same kick as the reigning energy king, but since it is their formula I suppose it’s only fitting for this drink to carry the same satisfying jolt.

As far as value goes, Lost is packaged in a standard 2 serving, 16 oz. can at the industry standard cost of $1.99. But when you take into consideration the fact that most vendors are selling them BOGO (buy one get one) to increase sales and awareness of the product you have yourself a great deal. Even if you can’t find them on sale you should still pick one up to taste Monster’s West Coast cousin.

Final Words:

Monster did a damn good job concocting a highly original and equally tasty energy drink that manages to differentiate itself from its big brother. Lost is definitely one of the better options for your energy fix, whether you’re surfing or just playing through The House of the Dead for the 32nd time.


  • Great original flavor
  • Delicious aroma
  • Satisfying, superior kick
  • Industry standard pricing, usually on sale for half off


  • I’ve never been surfing, but got stung by a jellyfish one time. That sucked


Overall: 9.0/10 (Spectacular)

Aroma: 8.5/10 (Pleasing yet soft)
Taste: 9.25/10 (Delicious, different from Monster)
Kick: 9.75/10 (Monster caliber kick all the way)
Value: 8.75/10 (Industry standard is average, BOGO sales gives extra points)

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  5. One of my favorites for sure. And I’m sorry to hear you were stung by a jellyfish. It totally blows.

  6. I didn’t know Monster made these, I always assumed they would be gross and cheaply made.

    Thank you for enlightening me yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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