And the Starbucks Contest Winner is…

starbucks-logo1We received many entries for our Starbucks Contest, many of which had to be disqualified for various reasons. There were still a few left, but at the end one entry stood out among the rest as the clear winner.

Ryan, site administrator over at, a great site for food reviews and is immediately receiving a spot on our BlogRoll, entered a review that met all of the criteria and regulations and also managed to be entertaining and informative. Congratulations Ryan, thanks a lot for you entry! Your prize will be on it’s way soon, hope you enjoy it.

As for everyone else, thanks for entering and look out for any contests we may hold in the near future. Thanks for all your support, and as always, keep reading Everyview!

3 thoughts on “And the Starbucks Contest Winner is…

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  2. Why hasn’t Brandon Thompson just killed himself already? Im sick of fat fuckers that think they are cool. Yah, I write smart ass reviews on the internet even though pretty much everybody in the world could whoop my ass in real life since im so god damn fat….fuck him.

  3. Wow, haha, who the hell pissed in your cereal? If you want to bitch about me, at least use your real name.

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