Wii Finally has a Storage Solution!

nintendowiiThat’s right all you fellow Wiiners, the days of cleaning out your Wiifridgerator have finally come to an end! Nintendo has, at last, released a System Update Patch that allows users to download games directly to an SD Card and play them directly off of that card. In other words, expandable memory is finally here. Instead of being stuck to the Wii’s atrociously tiny and laughably small amount of internal memory, you are now allowed to utilize plenty of storage space.

But as excited as I am, I’m off to bed. I’ll talk more about this a little bit later, but for now you should all rejoice and celebrate with hot bread and fresh wine! And as always, keep reading Everyview!

6 thoughts on “Wii Finally has a Storage Solution!

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  2. So THATS why my Wii has been glowing blue for the past day. I guess I should update the system now 🙂 since it sounds pretty beneficial.

  3. Yeah, I know. Isn’t it great? I moved all my WiiWare and Virtual Console games (25 in all) onto my SD card to be displayed to their fullest. It’s great to be able to play whatever WiiWare game I want to without having to download and delete.

  4. Something that you didn’t mention but maybe should have was it supports up to 32 gigabytes. That’s bigger than my xbox hard drive.

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  6. Awesome, I’m tired of reading the words WiiFridgerator. It’s a stupid word and will now hopefully die.

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