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Power Horse Energy Drink is best known for its role in the 2008 assassin film Wanted. Like Brawndo, it’s another energy drink you know from a film but probably had no idea existed in reality, so I’m here to tell you all about it. And like Brawndo, you very likely won’t find it in stores but I’ve got the hook up. While it’s true the people behind Power Horse didn’t send me samples to review, my good buddy Mike Bricker recently ordered a case off the internet and was kind enough to give me a can for review. *Internet Hug*

So does Power Horse prove to be an energy drink worth your hard earned cash or is it just a worthless novelty drink from Austria? Yeah, Austria.


The first thing you’ll notice about Power Horse is its itty bitty can. Is cooot! But despite its tiny can it packs a rather potent punch. You see, Power Horse uses a short, fat can for storage as opposed to a tall skinny can. Keep in mind, though, that it’s only an 8.5 oz single serving beverage as opposed to the 16 fl oz. 2 serving containers so it’s basically the same amount of liquid as a regular size Red Bull in a more comfortable shape. I’ll talk more on this when I discuss value, but for now let’s examine the drink itself.

Power Horse’s aroma is very reminiscent of Rock Star. Extremely sweet, slightly salty, closely resembling Smarties candy. The difference is in potency. The can claims to have High Potency, yet it isn’t apparent in the scent as Power Horse has a more mellow aromatic trait than Rock Star, which tends to give me the jitters just from smelling it. The softer scent of Power Horse is far more comfortable and less obnoxious, which is far better than an overpowering aroma.

That similarity to Rock Star carries over to the taste as well with the mellow trait intact which is a blessing because Rock Star is, in my opinion, way too strong. Too salty, too sweet, too bitter. Power throws all that out the window in exchange for a softer, more accessible tasting beverage which is actually beneficial for the drink due to the short, fat can. Something in such a small container is easy to chug, especially thanks to the can’s wide mouth, and if it weren’t for the soft, mellow taste of Power Horse I think there would be lots of Austrians in the hospital from exploding throats right now. It is very easy to slam back, but you’ll wish you hadn’t shortly after because now you’ve run out of energy drink.

But at least you’ll manage a decent kick. The sad thing is, however, while Power Horse most definitely isn’t a novelty drink, it packs a novelty punch. It isn’t jittery or uncomfortable, it’s just weak. It’s a good kick in all respects other than potency, which is a real shame. But like Red Bull the power of the kick can be directly related to the amount of liquid in the can. Maybe if it were packaged in an industry standard of 2 servings it could be a real contender. If you can, drink two.

The chances are, however, you won’t want to do that. Power Horse is way too expensive for its own good. Just like the evil drink Red Bull, Power Horse seems to think it’s ok to charge $1.99 for its dinky single serving when there are tastier, superior drinks like Monster on the market for 2 servings at the same price.

Final Words:

While Power Horse is definitely to novelty drink, I also can’t credit it as being a big time contender in the energy drink race. There are so many better, cheaper drinks out there with superior kicks. That being said, Power Horse was surprisingly tasty and I definitely recommend everyone pick up at least one can to try if they get the chance. Especially if you were a fan of “Wanted.”


  • Great, soft taste
  • Delicious mellow flavor
  • Fat can


  • Lackluster kick
  • Too expensive
  • Short can


Overall: 7.13/10 (Average)

Aroma: 8.0/10 (Soft and comfortable. Doesn’t burn nostrils)
Taste: 8.5/10 (Mellow, tasty, and accessible)
Kick: 6.5/10 (Below average)
Value: 5.5/10 (Way too expensive

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9 thoughts on “Review: Power Horse Energy Drink

  1. I love wanted, can’t wait for the game. the demo is badass. I had no idea this was a real energy drink though.

  2. Powerhorse has been around a long time. I had it in a bottle as well as in a 16oz can that I purchased over 2 years ago at a local store here in Texas. I was very surprised to see it in the movie myself. Visit my site sometimes to see my massive energy drink collection.

  3. Yeah, where’s the overall score? I’m guessing a 7 or so seeing what you scored the other categories.

  4. @ tallboy and kyle

    Yeah thanls guys. I have a bad habit of forgetting the but I usually fix it before too many people notice. I’m at work on my blackberry right now but I’ll fix it when I get off. The score should be 7.13 (average)

    Thanks again for pointing that out šŸ™‚

    Alright, got the overall score problem fixed šŸ˜€

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  6. this stuff has been around for quit a while and if i may it use to provide a much larger kick then it does now
    the first time i saw it was about 7 years ago in a honk $0.99 store they were two for a buck

    me being twelve at the time i bought 16 of them and walked home i drank four and passed out later upon inspecting the can i noticed it had not even been permitted for sale in the united states so my mother went online and found that the caffeine content was at east 4 times what was legal to sell in a single beverage of that size(about 550mg) lets just say i thought i was crazy when i got drunk of an energy drink
    turns out it was a caffeine high šŸ™‚ oh how i miss the misguided youth of the 90’s they were the best years of my life now all we have s this šŸ™

  7. I work at Poundstretcher in the UK and we have hundreds of cans in stock all the time. Buy on get one free 99p. Massive 500ml can, so that’s 1 liter for 99p. Had 4 today and had a great kick to get through the with no dodgy downside.

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