“Mario Kart Love Song” by Sam Hart

I just wanted to let all you guys know about this. It’s a great song by Sam Hart relating passionate and romantic relationships to the Mario Kart, the greatest casual racing title ever. The lyrics are brilliant and the melody is catchy, and it’s a really good song overall, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Thanks to the lovely Kim Boland, my own wonderful Princess Toadstool for showing this video to me. Smooches.

9 thoughts on ““Mario Kart Love Song” by Sam Hart

  1. I love you, my little Toadstool!
    Smooches back. šŸ˜€

    [Told you I’d comment three times.]

  2. I have to agree with James. Pretty sweet.

    And with Kimbo. I give you smooches. :*


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