Weekly Recap for March 16th-21st

First off let me apologize for the 20th and 21st as nothing was posted for you guys to read. I just haven’t been in the bogging mood lately as I’ve been very busy with personal stuff. But anyway, here is a list of last week’s posts and links back so you can see if there’s anything you missed. Enjoy!

There you go guys, not much but it should keep you busy for about ten minutes if you’re looking for something to read and missed a couple of things from last week. And as always, keep reading Everyview!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap for March 16th-21st

  1. It’s fine, you still post plenty. As for me, well, if I get two posts in a week that doing above average. 😀

    Oh, it’s a bit random but I was wondering: have you picked up MadWorld? I beat it last Friday and have been playing through Hard Mode. It’s such a great game.

  2. Hey Kyle, thanks bud!

    And yes, I love MadWorld. I’ve been playing it like crazy until yesterday when Patricker got the RE5 360 Elite which came with the game. I’m gonna finish it up and hopefully get my review out early next week. Maybe even this week. Its a great title and I love the fact that it’s actually getting TV ad time unlike most Wii games.

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