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Health Potion is from the same company that brought you Mana, the original Energy Shot meant to look like it came straight out of a video game, which is an idea I love. Combining two of the greatest inventions of all time into one is always a good idea. Well, almost. Anyway, Health Potion uses a unique blend of herbs and ditches the overused Berry or Citrus flavors often found in energy shots for a Cinnamon Apple taste.

Oh, and it replenishes 160 HP.


Health Energy Potion smells bad. Sour and artificial would be the best way to describe it. But in all honesty, it smells better than 60% of the energy shots on the market. Not as good as Mana, which smells pretty delicious, but better than most of the competition. The aroma itself is hard to compare to anything, really, but if I had to describe it I’d say it smells like Warheads taste. Remember Warheads? Ahhh, childhood!

If the aroma didn’t scare you away before drinking it, you are in for quite the treat. Health is easily one of the best tasting energy shots on the market. But be aware, if you’ve never had an energy shot or simply dislike them altogether, this will not tickle your taste buds like it does seasoned energy vets like myself. Remember, energy shots are essentially the hard liquor of the energy drink world so it’s gonna take some hardening up to really be able to pound down any kind of shot. But Health goes down smooth, leaving a sweet aftertaste. I can’t really say it tastes like Cinnamon Apples, it is one of the best shots you can get.

Energy shots are always about the kick, and Health Potion excels greatly in this department of criteria. Around 10 – 15 minutes after knocking one of these babies back you’re gonna feel ready to take on the world (or the Horde if you’re into that kinda stuff.) And the feeling lasts for a good 5 hours before you start to wear down, but even during the descending process you’ll feel a comfortable amount of energy keeping you going for another one and a half to two hours or so. And best of all, there is no noticeable crash to hinder you during the rest of your day.

On the value side of things, Health performs very poorly. It’s SRP is around 4 bucks, but I’ve seen it being sold at Hot Topic for over 5 which is at least double what the competition charges. I guess they figured we geeks would pay any fee to hold something that looks like a World of Warcraft novelty, and so far it seems they were right. Good for them.

Final Words:

Whether you’re staying up late trying to defeat Ganon, writing that argumentative essay, trekking halfway across the country to meet a girl you met on the internet, or whatever else you may do at night, Health Potion is for you. And if you just want a competitive edge in Call of Duty 4 then I recommend this product above the competition, mainly just for the novelty of it looking like a real video game health potion. Was that an oxymoron? I also recommend it for the great kick and smooth flavor. Now if only the price tag would come down to a more competitive level then we’d have a real winner.


  • Great taste
  • Wonderful kick
  • Awesome concept


  • Smells bad
  • $4? WTF?!


Overall: 8/10 (Great)

Aroma: 7.5/10 (Bad but better than other shots on the market)
Taste: 8.5/10 (Really good compared to it’s competition)
Kick: 9.5/10 (Awesome, long lasting, fast acting kick)
Value: 6.0/10 (Expensive)
HP Restoration: 160

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8 thoughts on “Review: Health Energy Potion

  1. Everybody knows that at any level above 10, 160Hp is completely negligible!
    I also like that you said giving you an edge in CoD4, rather than WaW. That game is a total disappointment.

  2. I love these things. I never really realized just how expensive they really are, though.


    Fuck you, WoW is an amazing game with more users than you have brain cells, dipshit.

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  4. Love the bottles, super cute. i will check it out. You should check out Energyfizz. It’s a Healthy Red Bull. A combo energy drink and vitamin supplement, the healthiest energy drink on the market. 41,667 RDA of B12 per serving. That is a b12 shot the athletes get” Watch this free video now at

  5. Except for the fact that these are gross you’re just about right!

    @ Korg

    get a life, buddy. maybe get laid while you are at it.

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