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tacobell-grande-quesadillaWho doesn’t love Taco Bell’s Quesadillas? Delicious cheese melted over your choice of juicy chicken or marinated steak, topped with a deliciously spicy sauce that perfectly compliments the already wonderfully seasoned delicacy and folded in a warm, tender tortilla. Delicious. And when something tickles your fancy, it’s never bad to have a bigger version. Right? Right.

Unless we’re talking about Taco Bell’s Grande Quesadilla. It’s kind of sad how something that should, in proper accordance with the laws of physics, be far superior when you add mass. However, for whatever stupid reason Taco Bell decided to change the it’s stellar Quesadilla formula when upgrading to a bigger size. I’ll explain more in the review.


The Grande Quesadilla is definitely bigger and more filling. But most of the fullness you’ll feel in your tummy comes from the same thing that almost ruins one of the greatest menu items in the recorded history of the Earth. The flat bread.

The delicious, warm, soft, scrumptious tortilla is replaced with a bulky, tasteless, airy flatbread to add gurth instead of using a larger, fuller tortilla. Why? I suppose cramming too much wonderfully melted cheese blend, delicious sauce, and meat into a tortilla folded in half and grilled would make a harder to handle delicacy, so in the respect the added foundation of the flat bread gives your Quesadilla a sturdier feel making it easier to hold.

But you know how no Quesadilla from Taco Bell is made perfectly? The wings of the cheesy wonder are always left void of the meaty, cheesy soul that makes this item so delicious. Not wanting any part of anything so delicious to go to waste, you eat the outside ends first, heavily soaked in your favorite heat of sauce, washed down with a big gulp of Mountain Dew, then move on to the perfection of the two inner cuts where the meat is as abundant as dirt but as desired as gold and the cheese and sauce flow as wondrously as the grandest river the world has ever seen.

Same problem here, only instead of putting those flaps to good use you’ll just throw it at an old person. Then pick it up off the dirty ground and do it again. Not because you are a mean person or hate the elderly, even though they do soak up the social security that should be yours in about 60 years but will be long gone before you ever reach the ripe age of too old to drive. Well, all of those reasons would be good reasons to pelt someones grammy with bread, but this time you’ll do it because of how bland, tasteless, and unenjoyable the fillingless flat bread ends of your Quesadilla are.

Once you get into the center, though, you’ll likely not be in as much pain. However, you will notice that the flat bread covering detracts from your ability to enjoy any of the inside ingredients leaving your tastebuds with a lackluster feeling of disappointment that should never be encountered when munching a Quesadilla. Even though it is filled with more of the same tender and juicy meat, wonderful melty cheese blend, and delicious sauce, you will be left wishing you had ordered your usual items instead of trying something you knew was too good to be true.

Final Words:

The Grande Quesadilla is the biggest Taco Bell disappointment since the Bacon Cheddar Gordita Crunch. Attempting to capitalize on the “bigger is always better” theory many fast-food chains utilize and often succeed in, this sorry excuse for a Quesadilla ends up a disappointing and nearly tasteless creation thanks to the drab, cardboard-like flat bread used to hold the increased amount of ingredients.


  • More meat
  • More cheese
  • More sauce


  • Too bad you can’t taste any of it thanks to the horrible flat bread it’s held in


Overall: 6.3/10 (The lowest score I ever want to give a Quesadilla)

Flavor: 5.5/10 (Sigh…)
Ingredients: 7.5/10 (All that meat, sauce, and cheese should be worth something. Flat bread kills it)
Value: 6.0/10 (Not worth the price of admission)

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7 thoughts on “Review: Grande Quesadilla

  1. I tried one today, and you are absolutely right. It’s the first one I had and it was disappointing beyond belief. hated it.

  2. WTF ever! These are the greatest thing on the entire taco bell menu! You guys just don’t know quality food when it hits you in the face.

    I do agree with you on the “flaps”. I hate that bland, flavorless part.

  3. I’m gonna have to agree with Korg. These are good. But alas, damn those flaps.

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  5. You should really prepare your own food instead of paying a greedy fast food chain to lay your slop out for you, unless your mom won’t let you use the stove.

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