5 thoughts on “Review: Locking Your Keys in Your Car

  1. I’ve only done it once. The door shut on me half-assed/half-closed, so I had to call my mom to drive to campus to unlock it.
    Made me a nervous wreck. I now carry a spare key in my wallet.

    This device seems very cool though.

  2. Haha good one Clay. Remember that time you tried to drive through an 8 ft pile of snow on your way to work and got stuck. Then I tried to move it for you and it wouldn’t work. Then some dude tried using his truck to pull it but the rope broke. Then you guys had to push it. Then I fixed your window but you thought it was broken and kept cussin’ at me. HAAHAHAHAHA. Funny funny.

    You have bad luck with cars.

  3. yeahh did this one morning at north befor a field trip (german). SO i had to pop out one of the triangle windows on my jeep…ahh the joy of breaking into your own car at north at 2 in the morning in the 10 below wind

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