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SexDriveA lot of people haven’t heard of Sex Drive for some reason, so I’m gonna go ahead and give a brief, informative introduction. Sex Drive is hilarious. That about sums it up, really. However, for the sake of taking up space and making my review look longer and smarter than it really is, I’m going to tell you a little more about it.

There are boobs, Amish boobs, sex jokes, sex, donuts, and a brief appearance by Fallout Boy. As you can tell from everything but the Fallout Boy appearance, which surprisingly doesn’t ruin the movie (I hate Fallout Boy), this move is awesome. Sure the whole road trip thing may be a little worn out, but it’s been a while since a road trip movie has been executed well and it’s honestly pretty refreshing to see one.


Sex Drive follows Ian (Josh Zuckerman), an 18 year old virgin who works at a job requiring him to wear a giant donut costume, and his two best friends Lance (Clark Duke), who has an insane ability to woo any woman he pleases, and Felicia (Amanda Crew), his really cute female best friend who has a secret crush on Lance, as they go on an epic journey to meet a girl named Ms. Tasty that he met over the internet. Along the way they meet some strange folks, the most awesome of which  is a hilariously sarcastic Amish mechanic named Ezekiel (Seth Green) who doesn’t get near enough screen time.

The story is cliche but well-execute and thoroughly entertaining throughout the whole movie. You can always gues what’s going to happen next for the most part, but thanks to the great screenplay you never lose interest in the film. It’s good to see there’s a cute ending, too. It reminds me a little of Zack and Miri. Same concept anyway.

And speaking of the great screenplay, all the actors do a phenomenal job of getting into their character, especially Clark Duke with his role of Lance. You wouldn’t think, judging by his baby face and slightly chubby build, that he would be able to effectively pull off a role of a narcissistic playboy. But he does. In fact, I kinda wanna sleep with his character now. I’m not even gay.

The film’s entertainment value is pretty stellar, too. You’ll be able to watch it several times before it wears thin, and then you can dive in to all of the extra goodies. And the unrated version. Man, the unrated version. It’s the same as the theatrical version but adds random scenes with naked chicks, black wienies, some deleted scenes, and fart noises. It’s badass for sure, but it’s also dumb. Really dumb. And better. If you you’ve seen the real movie.

Final Words:

Sex Drive is a hilariously raunchy comedy with a romantic and cute ending. Almost, until Ian’s brother throws some firecrackers. You’ll see. Anyway, great screenplay gives the generic story more value. All the characters are well-acted and likable, and Seth Green makes an awesome Amish dude. You’ll laugh your ass off from start to finish.


  • Amanda Crew
  • Boobs
  • Absolutely hilarious
  • Seth Green


  • No Amanda Crew boobs


Overall: 8.5/10 (Great)

Story: 8.5/10 (Generic but entertaining at the same time)
Screenplay: 9.0/10 (Great jobs by all the actors)
Entertainment Value: 8.0/10 (Lots of specials, unrated version rules)

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3 thoughts on “Review: Sex Drive (2008)

  1. Great fucking movie!

    “He’s gonna fuck my ass with a roll of fucking quarters!”

    hahahaha! I haven’t seen the unrated version yet, though. But thumbs up.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha! I love the unrated version. All they do is superimpose tits and cock onto the screen. It’s hilarious.

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