Review: BK Burger Shots


Do you like eating Burger King’s flame broiled burgers even when you’re not hungry? Do you wish you could just get a little itty bitty couple of burgers for a couple of bucks so you don’t have to waste any munch or cash? Then you’ll absolutely love BK’s new Burger Shots. They’re exactly what I described above. Tiny little BK flame broiled burgers you can take on the go or eat as just a small snack whenever you want. But are they good? Read on hungry reader, read on.


bk-burger-shotsReally, these aren’t worth the money they cost. A simple tiny 2-pack of burgers with cheese is gonna run you $1.64, and they’re mediocre at best. For that $1.64 you get 2 mediocre burgers that don’t provide a satisfying taste at all. The meat patties themselves are a lot lower quality than your standard patty and taste really low-grade. They are no where near the quality of, say, White Castle’s delectable little burgers which you can get for a simple 50 cents per burger.

On the burgers you get ketchup, mustard, and a pickle with the option of cheese. They come connected for some reason so you have to tear them apart before you eat them, which is really annoying as you’ll often tear the burger wrong and end up with a gimped patty. Heh. Gimped patty.

Final Words:

The BK Burger Shots are a decent concept that are thoroughly lacking in execution. The meat is low quality, topings are minimal, and they are too expensive for what little you get. A real disappointment.


  • Snack size


  • Mediocre at best
  • Overly expensive
  • Minimal presentation


Overall: 6.2/10 (Decent)

Taste: 7.0/10 (Nothing special)
5.5/10 (Pathetic next to an actual cheeseburger)
Value: 6.0/10 (Too much for what little you get. Get a full cheeseburger on Tuesdays for cheaper)

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    instead of 6 individual pieces of meat… theres 3 and you have to pull them apart
    and why not just get a regular sandwhich?

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