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So far I’ve reviewed the vanilla and exquisite cinnamon dulce blends of Starbucks’ popular lineup of DoubleShot Energy+Coffee products. I figured I might as well review the original flavor before moving on to the last blend. Like I’ve stated several times before. I love doing things out of order.

The original blend, simply labeled Coffee, is most akin to Java Monster’s Big Black/Originale (they’re the same thing. There was a name change or something) but is also very different. Superior, even. This is a product from Starbucks, afterall.

Straight from the can:

Your extra Shot. Starbucks DoubleShot Energy+Coffee. A powerful, great-tasting brew of B vitamins, guarana, ginseng and natural proteins from milk. Charged up with premium coffee. That extra surge to keep you energized and alert. Are you ready for more?

I’m totally ready for more.

First off, it smells great. It has the same aromatic sensation of fresh coffee even though it’s obviously not. It isn’t overpowering in anyway and has a nice balance of coffee beans and cream to keep the scent soft and comfortable. It’ll wake you up and let you relax, just as your fresh brewed morning cup would.

One of the things I find I like most about Starbucks DoubleShot Energy+Coffee products is their truly superior flavor. Not only is each can rich and full, but you can actually tell the difference between each flavor, unlike the majority of Java Monster products which all taste very similar. The coffee flavor is perfectly balanced with the right amount of cream and leaves no coffee aftertaste in your mouth. You’ll still get coffee breath, though.

The kick works just as you may expect. Perfect for mornings or for your late night coffee cravings, but not really enough of a boost to get you through the most hectic parts of the day. But who drinks coffee in the afternoon? Lots of people, actually. But that’s beside the point.

Value is what you’d expect from your cold coffee. SRP of $2.59 for a 15 oz can of delightful cold coffee. It’s absolutely delicious and is totally worth the admission fee.

Final Words:

Starbucks original coffe flavored DoubleShot Energy+Coffee is a superior alternative to the Big Black blend of Java Monster and has proven to be one of my favorite cold coffees. It may not be as good as Cinnamon Dulce or Java Monster’s Mean Bean, but it’s still a great morning brew.


  • Great, rich flavor
  • Wonderful aroma
  • Nice morning kick


  • Coffee breath


Overall: 8.13/10 (Great)

Aroma: 8.5/10 (Delightful)
Taste: 8.5/10 (Rich and full)
Kick: 8.0/10 (Perfect morning drink)
Value: 7.5/10 (Good value, cold coffee is just expensive)

6 thoughts on “Review: Starbucks Energy+Coffee DoubleShot

  1. Great review! I almost bought one of these the other day on impulse bit I chickened out. After reading this I think I’ll try one after all. 🙂

  2. The mocha one is my favorite, but I get the original every once in a while. They’re pretty good.

  3. @Jenny

    Yeah, I take almost all of the pictures on the site. If the image isn’t mine I’ll put a little “img via” at the bottom of the article or review linking back to where I got the image.

    Glad you like it!

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