We Support Winter

winter-wii-gameNot the season, though I do love sledding and throwing snowballs at the elderly. Winter is a recently discovered game from n-Space, the people behind the Gamecube’s underwhelming horror-themed shooter entitled Geist. The game was cancelled for various reasons, the biggest of which was no one wanted to publish it due to the alleged lack of hardcore interest among the Wii gamers.

Winter was a Wii exclusive horror game, a genre the Wii demographic is almost starving for alongside RPGs, set in a small mid-western town which has encountered a very unusual snow storm, hence the name Winter. The game looks very promising and a petition has been started by Wii gamers to get the game published. We support the game and you should too. To sign the petition simply click here or use the picture link near the bottom of the left sidebar.

3 thoughts on “We Support Winter

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  2. I now support Winter! Thanks for posting this, guys, the game looks awesome. I hope it makes it out.

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