Review: Revved Up Wintergreen Energy Dip

revved-up-energy-dipDisclaimer: I do not condone or recommend use or of promote consumption of any form of tobacco. This review is not meant to get anyone interested in starting the habit and is only to inform those who have already fallen into addiction of a product they may be interested. Do not begin any tobacco habits.


A while back I reviewed Amazone Guarana Cigarettes, smokes that claim to provide an uplifting, energizing feeling to the consumer. They were unbelievably pathetic, scoring a dismal 1.3/10, and the only feeling it provided was an urge to go back and time and keep yourself from smoking them. Revved up fairs much better by providing a solid tobacco product, but does it really give you energy?


First thing’s first. I don’t chew. I’ve never picked up the habit, and I never will. So how am I going to effeciently review a product I don’t regularly use? Well I took a few dips, examined the criteria, and then gave pinches to people who do use dip on a regular basis. The verdict? Read on.

It smells like peptobismol and has a very smooth, soft minty flavor, which I found to be rather enjoyable. Dips last good and long before losing their flavor, keeping your urge to chew satisfied for a while. People I let sample it all really like it, noting the great flavor in particular. A few of them even went to the nearest gas station to buy a can, possibly making it their chew of choice.

A can costs about as much as your standard name brand dip, but is really hard to find. Only a few gas stations carry it, so if you find it you should pick a can up just to try. You may end up replacing your curring favorite!

And to answer the question regarding whether or not the dip actually grants energy, it doesn’t. At all, or at least not that I ever noticed.

Final Words:

No matter how good it tastes it’s still chew. Dipping can cause cancer exceptionally fast, spitting is extremely gross, and chewing is no where near as cool as smoking. Period. I don’t recommend anyone start either habit, just so you know. Addiction sucks.


  • Great flavor
  • Lasts long


  • Hard to find
  • No actual energy
  • Dipping is gross


(Scores are mostly based on what feedback I’ve gather from people who regularly dip to ensure an accurate rating.)

Overall: 7.6/10 (Above average)

Flavor: 8/10 (Great)
Satisfaction: 8/10 (Flavor lasts long so you can enjoy sucking every bit of nicotine out of each pinch)
Value: 7/10 (Average)

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24 thoughts on “Review: Revved Up Wintergreen Energy Dip

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  2. Yeah, i sold the stuff to you at a discount actually. The actual price was $5.35 lol. no one ever told me the cost, so i assumed it was the same price as most the others. meh, from what the customers said about it, i guess it was pretty good. but i agree, dipping is nasty.

  3. ive been dippen all my life. and i never expecfted they would come out with dippen energy. fuck all you suns a bitches that dont dip. tussy

  4. Chewin is so much cooler than smoking. You see pussies smokin all the time. Only men chew. Plus it’s so much safer.

  5. i always always ALWAYS dip grizzly wintergreen. however the store near my house is out of it, but ive seen this there before. If the price is around the same as grizzly then fuck it, ill give it a try. i doubt you get a buzz if theres 150mg of caffeine in the whole tin.

  6. grizzly natural fine cut. once you stick a dip of that in your mouth you’ll never go back to anything else!!!

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  11. check you stats on the cancer comment, since the removal of fiber glass in chewing tobacco it is proven that smoking is 75% more likely to cause cancer ( including oral cancer). but thank you for you good review of the product. i will be trying the revved up dip, any word on the other two flavors?

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