Retro-Review: Frogger (Arcade)

frogger arcade originalOverview:

Frogger was one of the biggest names in the gaming industry back in the day, and it still is to some extent. The simple concept of guiding a busy little froggy from point A to point B without being squished, getting eaten, or drowning in a river was one that proved to be rather addictive and claimed more than it’s fair share of quarters. That was when arcades were still the cool place to hang out, back before LAN parties, the internet, and socially inept fat kids with acne and gland disorders ruled the gaming landscape. Well, those fat kids existed, but not internet.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to take a look way back at one of the biggest names in the arcade industry and one that held influence for years after the first quarter was dropped into it’s metallic guts. Enjoy!


Frogger’s gameplay is a very, very simple concept that takes hours of practice to master. You use the joystick to move Frogger from the near side of the map to the far, one hop at a time. Sound easy? Keep in mind you’re constantly dodging traffic, avoiding hungry gators, leaping from log to log trying not to fall into the raging river and meet a watery demise, and time your jump back on to try land perfectly to snack upon your tasty bug without being torn to shreds by huge barbs of thorny brush. Yeah, this game is extreme.

The games visuals are pleasant and you can easily tell what you’re looking at, or what it’s supposed to be anyway. They are bright, colorful, and appealing. The game’s theme song is bouncy and energetic, though the ditties that play when you pick up a mate or reach the other side play far too long. The sound effects are no more than random beeps and boops, but it suffices.

Frogger can be played by one or two players sequentially. A player wins by gathering more points before reaching the inevitable game-over screen which display when running out of lives. Simple but addictive, even to this day.

Final Words:

Frogger is a fun game. Whether you play in it’s original form of an arcade cabnet and joy stick or the latest remake, frogger is fun. The endless levels and extreme level of potential addiction make this one fun game to play for hours and hours. Even the younger folk, myself included, can find enjoyment in reaching that last bug on the other side of the river. It’s just satisfying.


  • Catchy theme song
  • Basic concept yields highly addictive gameplay
  • getting another frog to mate with you on your way to the goal


  • Victory songs play for far too long
  • Collision detection can piss you off


Overall: 8.7 (Great)

Gameplay: 9.5/10 (So basic, yet so fun!)
Visual and Audio: 8.5/10 (Happy theme song, colorful visuals)
Entertainment value: 8/10 (Fun by yourself or alone, getting addicted is easy)

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  2. Haha, I love frogger. There have been some really shitty ports, remakes and sequels, but the spirit of that little frog lives on proudly!

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