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A short while ago I reviewed a product called Rip It, an impressive 99 cent energy supplement which excelled in all criteria and walked away scoring a respectable 8.25/10. Today I’m reviewing Rip It Citrus X, an orange flavored variation of the original. Does Citrus X impress as much as the original, or is it simply a waste of a buck?


Like the original, Citrus X posses splendid aromatic traits which seem too sugary and obviously artificial. It’s a pleasant orange scent reminiscent of Full Throttle Fury, just not as crisp and far more sugary. If you take in a deep whiff you’ll notice a slight medicinal stench but it’s very slight and not immediately noticeable; easily ignored.

The taste of Rip It’s citrus formula can be summed up into one word. Artificial. It’s very obviously sweetened with lots of syrups and sugar, but there is some citric acid in it. I’m not sure if there is enough to add any flavor, but it’s there. I really can’t make up my mind on if it tastes acceptible or bad, it’s bordering right in the middle. The flavoring is really good, but there is a noticeable medical burn and a starchy aftertaste which easily kill any positive atributes the drink has.

Citrus X has the same slightly weak kick as it’s original flavor, which isn’t surprising at all since it uses the same formula as the original, simply with different flavoring. But like I said in the father flavor’s review, for 99 cents who can complain?

With Rip It, value is the name of the game. 99 cents for a 2 serving, 16 oz can is a dollar less than the industry standard, so if you’re in a bind and can’t get anything else you could pick one of these up for mere pocket change.

Final Words:

Even with the  plush aroma and great value I cannot recommend Citrus X as a competent energy drink due solely to the taste. The horrible salty and medicinal sting kills the drink singlehandedly and won’t leave your mouth for a while making you regret being so cheap. If you’re tight on cash, go for the original instead.


  • Great aroma
  • Only 99 cents!


  • Weak kick
  • Horrible, terrible medicinal burn
  • Extremely artificial


Overall: 5.9/10 (Gross)

Aroma: 7.5/10
Taste: 2.0/10 (Terrible burn and long lasting aftertaste)
Kick: 5.0/10
Value: 9.0/10

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