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A while back I posted a review of Amp Revive, a decent orange flavored spin-off of the original. Which I never reviewed. Until now. You may have noticed  I tend to have this problem with reviewing things out of order as I did with the Speedway branded Shockwave drinks. Oh well, get used to it.

Anyway, Amp is basically Mountain Dew on crack. Or that’s what it was originally meant to be, at least. Now the only reason the Mountain Dew logo is on the can is for brand recognition. People see the words Mountain and Dew, realize they love Mountain Dew, then pick a can of this up. I’m not sure why they keep doing it, but they fall for it time after time.


Amp has a very citric scent. It’s slightly reminiscent of Mountain Dew, but not much. It also smells extremely sweet, which helps getting that saliva in your mouth flowing around. If your mouth waters at the scent of something, it must taste absolutely delicious, right?

Not exactly. Don’t get me wrong, I pick up a can of Amp every once in a while if it’s on sale 2/3 or BOGO to save money. And while it is by no means a bad tasting drink, it’s very salty which could possibly be the reason why Amp tends to hurt your teeth. That and all the sugar. It does have a pleasantly citric aftertaste, which gives it extra points which are immediately taken away by the medicinal burn you’ll experience if you try to chug a can down for some quick energy. Which isn’t even really worth it because…

Amp has, like a few other big-name drinks, a rather poor kick. It’ll likely leave you shaky and jittery instead of ready, alert, and focused. It’s really disappointing since it came from the makers of Mountain Dew, which was the original caffeine powerhouse way back in the day before energy drinks became mainstream.

On the value front, Amp does nothing but lose points. A standard 2 serving, 16 fl oz can runs for around $2.49. Well above the industry standard price tag of $1.99. And while I did allow the higher price tags of drinks like Cocaine to pass, they are well worth the admission cost. Amp is an average drink that does nothing to deserve the high rate it charges other than sporting the Mountain Dew logo.

Final Words:

Amp is a big-name drink consumed by a lot of people. Why? I don’t understand and I probably never will. It’s salty and bitter, hurts your teeth, burns your throat, has a poor kick, and costs way more than it should. If it’s your drink of choice, rant about it in the comments. I’d like to hear your broken logic.


  • Sweet aroma
  • Citrus flavor leaves a nice aftertaste


  • Hurts your teeth
  • Burns your throat
  • Very little kick
  • Too expensive


Overall: 6.5/10 (Below average)

Aroma: 8.0/10 (very sweet, gets your mouth watering)
Taste: 6.0/10 (Salty, burns your throat, hurts your teeth)
Kick: 6.0/10 (Rather poor, jittery)
Value: 6.0/10 (Too expensive for what little it offers)

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8 thoughts on “Review: Amp Energy Drink

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  4. I agree with you too Lummy. Amp is sour, salty and bitter. It’s gotten a lot better since it first came out. That much, I admit.

  5. You guys are rediculous Amp is a really good energy drink, better than most other nasty ones on this site.

  6. I agree, I love AMP energy and Im an avid energy drinker. It has a better taste to it then other energy drinks.

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