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Last week I wrote a review of the Speedway exclusive energy drink, Shockwave Mango Energy Juice. Today I’m back with a review of of the original flavor, Shockwave Energy.

While I was impressed with the overall taste and quality of the Mango blend, I noted significant lack of kick and originality as being major factors to work against the otherwise impressive beverage. Does the original flavor get right all the things its off-spin missed?


Shockwave’s aroma is very reminiscent to that of the original flavor of Full Throttle in that it is very salty with a slight, citric twist.  It is less potent and more aromatic than Full Throttle and doesn’t burn the nostrils when trying to take the entire aroma in for savory enjoyment.

Well it seems Shockwave’s habit of copying other products attributes still exists, at least when looking at the scent. But when you examine the taste you’ll find something that is similar to other products, but still different in many ways. It has a very citric taste that isn’t too salty, sour, or sweet and is blended rather well to produce a wonderfully smooth flavor that has no medicinal burn. My only complaint with the taste is that it leaves a starchy feel coating your entire mouth after drinking.

Shockwave overcame my complaint on originality with a delicious, smooth taste, but fails to provide an adequate kick once again. It has the same pathetic and minimal rush provided by the Mango blend and does not satisfy at all. It’ll leave you wanting a more adequate energy drink such as Cocaine or Punch, unless you are just looking for an enjoyable drink and not a caffeine loaded mega supplement.

Shockwave sells in the usual 16 oz can but for 10 cents less than the industry standard price of $1.99. Being an exclusive to Speedway and selling only in Speedway stores, this could and should be so much cheaper. I believe it should sell for around $1.39 tops, but that’s just me.

Final Words:

Shockwave impresses with its smooth flavor and aromatic aroma but fails on providing an adequat kick, renderring this a useless energy drink, no matter how tasty it may be. And since it’s an exclusive brand, it should be cheaper than it is.


  • Smooth aroma
  • Delicious taste


  • Leaves a starchy feeling in your mouth
  • Horrible excuse for a kick
  • Should be cheaper


Overall: 6.9/10 (Passable)

Aroma: 8/10
7.5/10 (Delicious but leaves thick coating in your mouth)
Kick: 4.5/10 (Boo!)
Value: 7.5/10 (While there are savings, I wouldn’t recommend buying it due to it’s lack of kick)

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15 thoughts on “Review: Shockwave Energy

  1. I thought that shit was disgusting. The red can wasn’t too bad, little salty, but the blue can was fucking rancid.

  2. I can’t take this review seriously. Spelling and grammer errors FTL.

    And a 4.5 on kick? Wow. For me, the kick is better than Monster.

  3. @Td

    Fixed grammatical errors. We had no editor back then, and a moderate attention span is required to reread anything you write. Needless to say, I have no attention span.

    I don’t think my rating for the kick was too harsh. It has been a while since I’ve had this drink, but I remember the ingredients being severely lacking and the final buzz being a huge disappointment. But chemicals effect everyone’s body differently, so thanks for leaving your thoughts!

  4. Cost? They are always on sale 2 for $2.22. That price is amazing and so is the taste. I especially like the sugar free shockwaves!

  5. If you have had Sobe Adrenaline Rush Energy drink then you’ve tasted Shockwave. I used to drink Sobe everyday before school but then they took it off the market. Then about a year later I found Shockwave. Not only is this cheaper but it tastes the same. 2 for 2.40 not a bad deal at all. If it stays at that price I’ll keep buying it.

  6. How the hell is the cost a con? Like others have said, it’s always on sale. Went to Speedway tonight and they had a 2 for $2 dollars sale on the sugar free Shockwave. First time I’ve had it and it was pretty darn good.

  7. I’ve got to agree with the others – no matter where I’m at, it’s always been on sale 2/$2.00 + tax where required. I will add the disclaimer that the single can price is ALMOST as high as the price for two cans. If memory serves, its $1.89 per can or you can have the sale price of 2/$2. Needless to say, anyone buying a single can either isn’t paying attention or just isn’t terribly bright.

    I’ve never been disappointed with the “kick” and at only a dollar a can, it’s the best bargain out there in the energy drink world. I don’t buy energy drinks often, but when I do, I buy the sugar free Shockwave.

  8. After i drank the pink one i became very sick and i still feel horrible and its been over 12 hours. And this drink has not been tested by the food and drug co. I wont ever drink it again

  9. I just tried the sugar/carb free. Comparable to monster zero. Better taste though. My fav is still Rockstare Zero Carb. But the Shock wave sugar free is definitely my new second choice. And at $2 for 2 you really cannot go wrong.

  10. I have bought several cans of this junk using my bonus points. What a waste of points, this stuff have no kick whatsoever (to my knowledge), The 16 oz. cans is a bit to filling the stomach for me, yet I wonder how many oz. it would take to feel any kick start. Also, the after taste linger’s too long. Yuck!

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