Review: ShockWave Mango Energy Juice

Shockwave MangoOverview:

Shockwave is a Speedway exclusive product that attempts to be a cheaper alternative to your standard name brand energy juices that have recently become a craze due to the fact that they are far more healthy, and they are usually pretty good tasting to boot. We have had some pretty bad experiences with trying new drinks, though. Remember Gazzu? What about Neuro Fuel? Due to drinks like those, superior lesser-known products like Punch and Rip It often get ignored by consumers.

Is Shockwave another urine flavored waste of cash, or does it truly deserve your hard earned cash? Let’s check it out.


After the first crack of the can I noticed that the drink smelled rather sour, but still a little sweet which caused my mouth to fill with saliva. It possesses a fruity smell that isn’t exclusive and, in fact, a lot of other energy drinks have a very similar aroma.

When I took my first drink, all I could think about was Monster Khaos. It tastes almost exactly like Monster’s highest scored (on this site at least) juice beverage which earns it some points. Everything from the fruity mango flavor to the slightly sour bite is reminiscent of Khaos, leading me to believe that Shockwave’s makers were aiming for a slightly cheaper version of Monster’s well-received juice.

While Shockwave does perform adequately in aroma and taste, it takes a dive in the kick department. The rush delivered is very subtle and almost non-noticeable. It’ll even you out and put a spring in your step, but other than that you’ll walk away feeling slightly disappointed.

Shockwave’s main selling point, as already stated, is that it’s basically a cheaper version of Monster Khaos. You get your standard 16 oz can, but for a slight bargain of only 10 cents, but that still gets it some value points. It might not be worth sacrificing a kick, though. And kicks are what energy drinks are all about.

Final Words:

Shockwave ends up excelling in just about all aspects of criteria other than kick. In fact, it has a very poor kick that you won’t notice unless you’re looking for it. Other than that Shock Wave is a wonderful, cheaper substitute to other more expensive drinks, namely Monster Khaos.


  • Really fruity taste reminiscent of Monster Khaos
  • Smell will make your mouth water
  • Save 10 cents when compared to industry standard pricing


  • Really disappointing kick
  • You can only get it at Speedway locations


Overall: 7/10 (Average, Lost most points in kick)

Aroma: 8.0/10 (Makes your mouth water)
Taste: 8.0/10 (Monster Khaos all the way)
Kick: 4.5/10 (Sad excuse for an energy supplement)
Value: 7.5/10 (10 cents isn’t much, but it’s still a bargain)

3 thoughts on “Review: ShockWave Mango Energy Juice

  1. I just bought one yesterday, they are great. They really DO taste just like Monster Khaos.

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  3. This drink is amazing! It tastes so good. And I love the fact that it doesn’t make you all jittery like monster does. Very good alternative for someone who is sensitive to caffiene but needs some energy. Take a 5 hour energy shot, sip one of these and you will be good to go. Speedway usually had these for 2/$3 which is nice on a tight budget.

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