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Punch! Energy DrinkOverview:

Punch energy drink. Chances are that unless you are from the midwest then you haven’t heard of it. Yet. Punch is a new up and coming energy supplement from a small family owned and operated business but has the attitude to fight the big boys and, in a lot of respects, comes out on top.

Straight from the can:

PUNCH! is not only a great tasting explosion of energy, but an energy drink you can trust as a superior alternative. The unique blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients gives you a quick boost and lasts for hours while enhancing mental focus. We dare you to try this cutting edge drink that’s CHANGING THE WAY ENERGY TASTES.

  • Better Taste
  • Better Quality
  • Better Performance

Wow, that’s quite a claim coming from such a little guy. While it’s true that Punch has the attitude to refresh a quenched market, does it have the attributes to back up it’s big words?


Upon opening my first black and red can of the bodacious energy supplement, I have to admit, I found the aroma to be a little on the strong side. But now that I’ve had a couple of these I no longer notice it. It’s not that it smells bad. It’s an aroma that’s just, like with a lot of other drinks, powerful. It smells slightly sweet and fruity but, a side effect of all of the vitamins and minerals no doubt, has a very distinct supplemental pill smell to it. It might bother you a bit at first, but you’ll get over it and be able to move on to bigger, better things.

The taste is one of those better things I just mentioned. It’s very sweet, fruity and delicious and has a great flavor of fruit punch, obviously the beverage’s namesake. It does have very slight bitter bite (rhyme) to it, but it actually complements the rich and flavorful fruitiness of the drink. The flavor is also very unique in the energy drink market and is very refreshing when you’re used to salty, overly sugary flavored beverages that tend to leave gritty feelings on your teeth.

When it comes to kick, Punch competes seemingly exactly on par with my personal favorite drink, Monster. The kick comes quick and lasts for a couple of hours leaving no noticeable crash as the aftermath. And it’s a positive kick, too! Not one of those jittery, shakey highs you get from some drinks on the market. It’ll actually help you concentrate on whatever it may be that you need an extra push for. Whether it be work, school, gaming, or just staying up and staking out under your blanket fort with a flashlight and a book full of ghost stories, you can trust Punch to deliver a consistently high quality kick every time. Who would’ve thought that a drink called Punch could kick so well?

On the value end, this beverage comes packaged in the standard 16 oz can for $1.99 and offers much more bang for your buck than a lot of it’s competitors. A great investment and if you can find it I recommend you buy it. You can usually find these suckers on sale at most gas stations, so why not stock up while you have the chance?

Final Words:

Punch really does pack enough heat to knock out some of the market hot shots. With it’s unique take on making energy healthy and it’s excellent kick, Punch is a true contender to the bustiling market of high caffeine supplements and is welcome in the ring anytime.


  • Great taste
  • Amazing kick
  • Packs more energy than other more expensive drinks


  • Strange smell
  • Kinda hard to find


Overall: 8.25/10 (Great, buy it)

Aroma: 7/10 (strange at first, but you’ll get used to it)
Taste: 9/10 (delicious and unique, won’t find anything like it)
Kick: 9/10 (fantastic, on par with the likes of Monster)
Value: 8/10 (standard pricing but offers better product than a lot of other drinks at the same price)

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