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I continue to not help myself with the gay rumor that goes around with me by following through with the Twilight series and reading New Moon. Why do I do this? Well I was actually a little impressed with how Twilight kept my attention so I honored it by reading the sequel which in retrospect is actually an extremely boring book. But you only feel this way when you are done with the whole series. New Moon keeps you interested enough to want to finish it.


The summary for this book is not going to be as thourough as the Twilight series due to the fact that nothing really happens in this book until the end. Also because of my feelings on spoiling endings I will not ruin it. People are not as clued into what happens after Twilight because it has yet to be made into a movie.

The story continues from Twilight at Bella’s 18th birthday. Naturally she does not want to celebrate it because while Edward stays the same age she gradually gets older. She has a weird dream where she thinks she is seeing her grandma but that turns out to be her still with Edward in her old age and she doesn’t like it. Well Edward, being the nice guy that he is, wants to throw her a party. Even though Bella has a bitch fit, he gets her to the party and the whole family is there excited to celebrate an actual birthday where someone has really aged. She gets some gifts that are whatever. Some plane tickets to see her mom, a car stereo, and a CD from Edward with music that he has composed.

Although when it comes to Bella something has to go wrong. She cuts her finger on a box she tries to open. How convenient for that to happen when she is in a room with a bunch of Vampires. Jasper, who isn’t as skilled at holding his own when he is in the presence of blood, tries to kill her and drain her. The whole situation gets settled and Carlisle patches her up but talks to her about Edward’s beliefs. After the incident Edward seems to be distant for the next week or so. He then takes Bella on a walk and breaks it off with her. He tells her that she needs to be safe, that’s the only promise that he makes her make. She is devastated and turns into a ghost for like 4 months.

She comes across some motorcycles and gets a clever idea. If she breaks the promise then she will hear a voice in her head that sounds like Edwards. She fixes the motorcycles up with the help of Jacob. They start to become pretty good friends. Nothing important happens for a long while. Jacob gets sick and goes A-Wall for a while. It turns out that he has started to become a Werewolf. Bella is still having issues with the Vampire Victoria. The story gets a little bit more interesting when she decides to break her promise by jumping off a cliff into water. Well Alice thought she tried to kill herself and in the confusion Edward thinks that Bella is dead. Alice and Bella rush off to save Edward. Now this is where you’ll have to be the eager beaver and find out the rest yourself.


  • Bella – Normal teenage virgin who is depressed.
  • Jacob – Kid who becomes best friends with Bella and falls in love with her.
  • Edward – Vampire who used to date Bella.
  • Alice – Vampire who is Bella’s best girlfriend.
  • Charlie Swan – Bella’s dad who realizes that Bella is going through a depression and tries to help.
  • Sam – An Indian who was thought to be a bad guy, but was just a werewolf.

Final Words:

Bella’s depression in this book keeps you pretty bored while your reading but the curiosity that you have to know why Edward broke up with her and if they get back together keeps you reading. Unfortunately this book isn’t as interesting as the first but the third is a lot more exciting than its predecessors, that’s for sure. So you have a lot more to look forward to.


Overall: 7.0/10

Story: 7.5/10 ( Unfortunate for it to be New Moon but this story does add  to the overall universe that is Twilight.)
Characters: 8.0/10 ( The characters are all still there just hidden by some boring story.)
Entertainment Value: 6.5/10 ( Drags on until the end.)

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2 thoughts on “Review: New Moon (By Stephenie Meyers)

  1. I felt the same way about this book.bellas depression makes it pretty boring but the curiosity as to wat was going to happen at the end made me keep reading…your reviews are awesome!

  2. this book drags until the end when Edward (<3) goes to kill himself cuz he thinks that bella is dead, but then she goes 2 get him… this is sooo romantic… i wish my life would be that way

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