So We’ve Exceeded 10,000 Hits…

… in 4 months (I know the archives has five months listed, but September doesn’t count since it was only the very end of the month). How exciting is that?

I want to take this opportunity to thank absolutely everyone who has made this a possibility for us here at Everyview. You see, when I first started this site I was expecting to get maybe 400 hits a month, which would be a hundred a week. I’m glad to say that once we got our posting regular and started to earn a reader base things really took off. We have rather high visibility on search engines and have been featured on a couple of other sites and our reviews have been used as references in forums as far away as Russia. Russia! That’s awesome!

Anyway, as excited as I am I’m equally tired and I have to be at work at 7 A.M. So a real quick thanks to our writers, our readers, our supporters, anyone who has ever read anything on this site, anyone who has ever featured one of our articles on their site, anyone who has done a link exchange with us (check out the blog roll at the right of the page), anyone who has ever provided us with kind words of inspiration, any band that has ever asked for Everyview coverage, any company that has ever sent us a product to review, and Zack Deal for giving me the idea to start this website. Thanks guys, goodnight and keep reading Everyview!

0 thoughts on “So We’ve Exceeded 10,000 Hits…

  1. That’s just plain awesome guys. I remember when I found the site and instantly fell in love. Remember when it was a big deal when you hit your first thousand? Bet you didn’t think you’d get here as quickly as you did, eh?

  2. if you do a review of boxxybabee off of youtube this website would have 100,000 hits in 5 mins a hacker group named anon is trying to find her lol.They hacked her myspace and it was the number 1 subscribed on youtube and got her email and address and facebook you should look in to would make your site explode. boxxy dead

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