Review: Rip It Energy Fuel

Rip It PowerOverview:

A 99 cent energy drink? That can’t be good, right? I mean, I always pay upwards of $1.99 for my fix, so this has to be some pretty sick stuff.

That’s exactly what I’d thought before I got my first sip. While it’s true that Rip It is only 99 cents and most other generic brands that sell below the industry standard of $1.99 are usually bitter, sour, and have almost no kick, Rip It steps up to the plate and manages to knock the ball deep into center field with its unparalleled budget price and a delicious fruity flavor that satisfies on almost all fronts.


When I first popped the top on my can of Rip It Power I was expecting very, very little. To my welcomed surprise, however I found a delightfully sweet aroma float from the can an into my nostrils. Upon further examination I found the scent seemed to be strawberry, but was a little too sugary.

Scents can be deceiving, though, so I cautiously proceeded on to the next test. Taste. Energy drinks are all about 2 things. Taste and kick. The aroma does nothing more than accompany your enjoyment of the beverage, and I’ve had drinks that smelled rather bad and taste extremely delicious. I took one small sip, didn’t vomit, and proceeded to drink as I normally would. Rip It has surprised me yet again with it’s deliciously sweet, sugary flavor that leaves very little noticeable aftertaste and has no medicinal flavor whatsoever. The aftertaste it does have is a little salty, but it sits at the back of your palette like guilty thoughts of murder on your mind. It, like the scent, has some strawberry properties to it, but it’s all artificial. I’m not complaining, though, and chances are you won’t either.

And dammit, wouldn’t you know Rip It also packs a decent kick? My can had me running efficiently through the end of my second class and I’m still going strong and getting ready to tackle my last one. It doesn’t perform on the same plane as Monster or Full Throttle, but it gets the job more than done for only $.99, which more than makes up for the weaker kick.

Do I really need to write anything here? Afterall, Rip It’s main selling point is it’s unheard of price tag of only a buck. That’s 2 servings of tasty, aromatic liquid energy that delivers an adequate kick for half the price of the same stuff with a different brand. If you’re running on a budget or just don’t feel like dropping 2 dollars for a quick fix, then I wholeheartedly recommend Rip It.

Final Words:

While Rip It may not replace your favorite energy drink, it does provide a low-cost substitute which, let’s be honest, is very valuable in these economic times when you need a couple gallons of gas or a pack of smokes.


  • Sweet aroma
  • No medicinal burn
  • Very tasty
  • 99 cents makes it hard to resist


  • Slightly salty aftertaste
  • Doesn’t pack the kick some other drinks have
  • It’s all artificially flavored


Overall: 8.25/10 (Great)

Aroma: 8/10 (sweet and aromatic, a little too sugary)
Taste: 8/10 (fruity and pleasant though artificial with slight aftertaste)
Kick: 7.5/10 (while it’s no Monster it gets the job more than done)
Value: 9.5/10 (a wonderful deal)

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