So I Just Got Guild Wars

Yeah, I was shopping at my local Circuit City and decided I wanted to get a wireless mouse and a cheap computer game to install onto it. The mouse I got is some wicked foldable wireless one that works really well, and for the game I picked up Guild Wars. Why didn’t I get WoW instead? Because I don’t want to pay money to keep playing a game that I don’t have time to play as often as most people, and Guild Wars is free.

Anyway, it’s installing now but if anyone wants to play with me and Patricker then hit us up in the comments section of this post and we’ll see what we can arrange. Also, I’ll have a review of both the game and the mouse here in a short while.

0 thoughts on “So I Just Got Guild Wars

  1. I played Guild Wars for a short time with some friends. It was fun but I found better games to play. Plus my computer’s practically useless for playing games as it has almost 0 space and a horrible processor. But if I ever get a new computer and install Guild Wars, I’ll definitely give you a holler.

  2. @Brandon

    Well reinstall it anyway. We can play every once in a while. Casual playing is fine.

  3. I also play guild wars and so does most of my family.
    my players name is Neko Yami. if you read this im on almost every day. later.

  4. @Kierstin

    Alright, cool. Next time I log on I’ll hit you up with a message! I’m extremely low level, though, since I just got it and all.

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