It’s Muh Birthday!

Yay!!!! Today is my birthday! Yay!!!

Boom Shokalahkuh!


Today I am turning the big one-nine, so to celebrate I get to go out for dinner and visit family members and all that jazz. Oh, and I got a PS3, but I’ll talk more about that later. Until then, keep reading Everyview!

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0 thoughts on “It’s Muh Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday dude. Hope it was a good one. Man, you’re getting some kick ass presents, an HDTV, Guitar Hero, and now a PS3. Count me jealous. 😀

  2. happy birthday kid. Here’s to an awesome year until your next big day, buddy. Keep up the good work!

  3. Its your birthday? happy birthday then. I wish someone would have told me that at 6:47a.m. this morning

  4. Thanks guys, I had a great day. Spent it playing Drake’s Fortune and eating Prime Rib.

    Hang yourself


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