Hip Hop Harmonica

This is a video of me beatboxing the harmonica live at a Bogey’s show as a warm-up for local band Nate (article soon, I swear). It’s not very long and I messed up a couple times, but it’s still pretty sweet.

It’s just a short little ditty, not an actual song or anything. It’s groovy none-the-less. Beatboxing harmonica is the greatest discovery since the noodle maker or condoms. Haven’t decided which.

0 thoughts on “Hip Hop Harmonica

  1. dude this is so good. you should play birthday parties.

  2. too bad we didnt catch you playing that beat and me rapping to it at the last show. it was sweet!

  3. Haha, I loved that! Ive got friends who play the harmonica, but they can’t do that. I’ve seen videos on youtube but a lot of them are fake. You did yours live, so it’s obviously not fake. Rock on, man.

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