Jan. ’09 Indie Band of the Month: On My Honor

Here we are in a brand new month and you all know what that means: A new Indie Band of the Month Award is being handed out to an awesome independent band that you should all know about. Last month a band called The Marys won the first ever Everyview award and now we’re here with On My Honor, the first band of 2009 to win the prize.


On My Honor is a four-piece power pop/punk band fronted by lead singer Drew Justice and backed by guitarist and vocalist Lucas Sams, bassist David Fear, and drummer Josh McCulley. The boys hail from Knoxville, Tennessee where they regularly perform for over 300 dedicated fans. When the band’s not kicking it in their hometown they spend their time running tours across the country, which is probably what helped them get featured on a Future Destination Records Compilation. In 2008 alone, for instance, they embarked on 3 tours spanning 30 states, from New York down to the Gulf of Mexico and everywhere along the way.

On My Honor is a completely independent band that funds all of their shows and tours and even the recording of their E.P. entitled Lift Your Guns & Smile, which has sold an astounding 1,000 copies at live shows alone. The kids plan on recording a full-length album this March and are backing it with a huge nationwide wide tour to celebrate and promote it’s release. And if they stop by somewhere near you then make sure you pick up a shirt or something from their merch man Zach Monday. You can bet that if they come by Terre Haute (hint, hint) I’ll be their recording some live footage for you guys.

As for my personal opinion of their music, which I know you all value and respect dearly, I love them. I actually had the honor (no pun intended) of sharing a stage with On My Honor when I was playing with a band called X’s for I’s or In Your Defence or something like that. Anyway, I digress. The band has the ability to put on one kick ass show, that’s for sure. They play with so much passion and energy that they are able to get even the most conservative of show goers to join in on a game of Rock and Red Rover.

I’ve even got their E.P. on my iPod and it gets played regularly. They have a wonderful poppy sound that you just can’t help but bounce around to. But don’t take my word for it, you can check out their MySpace to listen for yourself, add them to your friends, and paste a banner onto your own page. If you like ’em you can even buy their E.P. on iTunes.

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  1. Now THESE guys are good. That last band you did just sounded like they were trying too hard, no offense to them. These kids know whats up, and they seem like they love having fun.

    If you guys come by the deserts way out west I’ll come see you, for sure. I don’t care if I’m old, you kids are good.

  2. Sweet, I like them. The funny thing is, though, I’m from Tenessee and I’ve never seen them. I think I’ve MAYBE heard of them, but never seen them. I don’t really go to local shows ever, though. But I’ll keep an eye out now that I’ve heard them.

  3. looking forward to what they can accomplish in ’09
    already off to a running start

  4. Yeah, I saw these guys in Terre Haute a while back and they immediately became one of my favorite bands. I love their song Choke, it’s by far my favorite.

    Love you guys, can’t wait to see you here in Indiana again!

  5. I just checked out their MySpace and I too love Choke. I don’t thin its my favorite though. But as soon as I get an iTunes card I’m picking up the ep.

    Can’t wait for the album! If you stop near Topeka ill def check you guys out!

  6. i had the honor of playing a show in cumberland, ky with these guys about mid year 08′ with a band called ReadySetGo, their personally one of my favorite bands and their music and performance is more than amazing! and their hilarious cool guys, they all even joined in during our cover of blink182-dammit…good times!

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