So I Finally Got Xbox Live

xbox-live-logoYeah, I know. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past due, but I finally got an Xbox Live account. It’s not that I’ve never wanted one, it’s just that since the 360 isn’t WiFi capable I’ve never gotten around to getting it online. I recently splurged and picked up a $100 network adaptor (seriously. a hundred bucks) for the sake of one game and one game only. Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead is one of the most unbelievably awesome games I’ve ever played. It’s a co-op heavy game that places strong emphasis on teamwork. Sure there’s the option for a single player offline campaign and local splitscreen multiplayer for 2, but it’s just no where near as fun as online.

Anyway, my gamertag is XAQPritcher if anyone wants to hit me up and befriend me over the service. I’ve got a lot more games than just Dead that I’m starting to find are far more enjoyable over Live, so I’m sure we can get a match going in something.

11 thoughts on “So I Finally Got Xbox Live

  1. It’s about fucking time.
    I’ve got Guitar Hero 3/WT, Rock Band 2, Soul Calibur 4 that I’d play online. Haven’t played any guitar recently though, so I probably need to practice some.

  2. gamer tag

    sk8ing meatball and

    drunk padawon (i know its spelled padawan, but that was taken)

  3. well im a gamer but mostly pc and wii, but i am saving up for a 360 and has been about a year from my reg xbox, just need some tips and some good games to pick up with my 360 when i buy it in about a week or two.

  4. oh and happy new years not quite but 2 hours, god im f-ing drunk….lol have a good one and keep up the good work on the site.

  5. Yeah i considered getting that $100 adapter but said screw it. I read online and found out that the old XBox one would work fine. Picked one up for $45 and it’s worked fine 🙂 Also i didn’t have to use up the USB port in the back.

  6. @Gil

    Awesome, I wish I’d known that was an option when I wasted that 100 bucks. The wireless thing works magnificently, though, so I’m not complaining.

  7. zac you must get left 4 dead it is the best zombie game ever made and its fun as hell on live my gamer tag is thezookone

  8. o shit i read it now you must add me wont get my xbox back in more than a week it broke had to send it in but i am god at left 4 dead i have almost all achievements.

  9. Sweet Xaq, add me to your friends list man.My tag is “Minase24”. -D.B.

    P.S. Awsome website man 😛

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