The Top Five: Things I got for Xmas

This is the first addition to a new article I plan to start doing regularly called The Top Five. It’s obviously articles that are basically top 5 lists of any subject at all put together with pictures and my reasoning of why it deserves the spot it did. Since it’s right after Christmas, I figured the perfect thing to do would be writing a The Top Five on things I got from the Fat Man in Red and let all my readers write a little 5 item list of their own! So here it goes, The Top Five: Things I got for Xmas!

5. Energizer Wii Controller Charger:
For a long time I was content with my Nyko Charge Station. It worked really well and I enjoyed the rubber padding on the replacement wii chargercontroller backs. But as of recently it’s been having trouble charging my controllers, and those rubber pads I once loved make it a pain in the ass to use the Wii Zapper, which is a pain in the ass itself, or play Guitar Hero since it adds extra bulk to the Wiimote which keeps it from fitting in the Zapper or guitar controller. It’s about time to update and this is a great product to replace the old one with. It’s far more sleek and sexy, and replaces those uncomfortably bright blue l.e.d.’s from Nyko’s charger with soft green lights to indicate a fully charged batter. An overall superior product.
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4. 24 Pack of Monster Energy:
Looks like Santa read my Holiday Buyer’s Guide I wrote for energy drink fanatics! He brought me and Patricker each a 24 super pack of the deliciously revitalizing drug we call Monster Energy. I’ve secretly been sneaking Pat’s (don’t tell him!) so that I can save mine for when I really need them. Like at work or school. Or for the next time I have to fight a hungry wolf. You know, important stuff like that.

3. RipStik G:
ripstik gI don’t care if they’re for kids, I love RipStiks. If you ask me, casterboarding is the most awesome thing ever, and shredding through bowls and quarter pipes with it is fun as hell. My old red RipStik, however, got bent in the middle from me trying to drop in while moving, which I now know doesn’t work to well. Thankfully Santa brought me a brand spankin’ new G model so that, not only can I piss everyone else off by snaking into the bowl, but I can now piss people off by snaking rails and boxes too!
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2. Guitar Hero: World Tour:
ghwtRock Band lovers may be able to justify their purchases by saying they want to be faithful to Harmonix, the developers who created Guitar Hero, but no matter how much trash they try to talk, Activision does a great job handling the franchise. In fact, I honestly feel Guitar Hero is still the music rhythm game out there, despite it being handled by some one else. Rock Band may have done the whole “band experience” thing first, but it’s really not fun when you have to play with that shitty ass Rock Band guitar. Man that thing sucks. I used to think the drums for Rock Band were just fine, too. But now that I’ve played on World Tour’s pad, I can’t go back to Rock Band’s. I originally got this game for the Wii but I traded it for the 360 when I found out I got a…
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1. 50″ Plasma Screen TV!



Wow… that’s a big TV. After finally getting the damn stand assembled (it took like 3 hours) and getting it moved into my room, I just sat there and gazed lustfully upon the giant screen. Woah. All I need now’s a blu-ray player, or a PS3 would be even better, so I can watch me some super clear high-def movies like Wall-E. I love that movie.

My favorite things to do with the TV include watch Chowder, watch Drake & Josh, stare at it without turning it on, play some World Tour, and play Left 4 Dead. I love zombies.
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Runner ups: Animal Crossing, Chrono Trigger DS, cold hard cash, candy!!!!

Alright, that about sums up my list of awesome Christmas presents. Go ahead and leave a comment with your very own Top Five!

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  1. NICE TV!

    I got some dress shirts for work and some cards. Christmas is more about making the kids happy when you get to be my age. I got them Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, and some games from your wii and ds buyer’s guides. Oh, I did buy myself the Dark Knight. Not much of a splurge, but oh well. lol.

  2. As for me, I got Soul Calibur 4 and Infinite Undiscovery for my 360. Yeah, we’re not loaded like your parents.

  3. Nice haul dude. I didn’t get much. Mainly Animal Crossing, several DVDs (including The Dark Knight), clothes, and some gift cards. I also got Lost Season 4 for my parents since they love the show (as do I) and we just finished watching it yesterday.

  4. I got a bluetooth headset for my PS3, three DS games, 5 Wii games, 2 PS3 games, $125 at Best Buy, clothes at AE, and some candy. MMMmmmm.. candy. :3

  5. mine would probably be:

    5. Candy
    4. Clothes
    3. MGS 4
    2. Little Big Planet
    1. and a PS3 to play 3 and 2 on.

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  7. Yeah I got that Energizer Charger a couple days ago. You’re right, its way better than my buds Nyko charger. Looks cooler too. He got the Nyko one because IGN says its the best, but they’re obviously idiots. The green lights are way better than the blue ones, which supposedly cause cancer anyway.

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