Coming Real Soon…

Hey guys, I’ve been really busy with work and Christmas shopping so there are some articles and reviews that I haven’t exactly gotten around to writing yet, but they’re coming really soon, I promise.

On the reviews front, there’s:

  • Motley Crue Saint’s of Los Angeles (music)
  • Marcy Playground’s debut album (retro-review)
  • The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy (book)
  • I am 8-bit (book)
  • Pirates: Key of Dreams (game)
  • Taco Bell’s Fully Loaded Nachos (food & drink)

As far as the articles go, I’ve got:

  • The Chalice @ THMV (music)
  • Nate @ Bogey’s (music)
  • The Top Five: Fat Kids Falling YouTube videos (editorial)
  • About 3 new PackRat Paragraphs, including an awesome comic book collection from one of our dedicated readers (PackRat Paragraphs)

These are just some of them, and I’m sure the other writers are working on plenty of reviews for you guys, too.

So these are some things you have to look forward to me getting out (hopefully) before too long into the new year. Just check back for them regularly or subscribe to our Atom feed. And as always, keep reading Everyview!

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  1. what about the Umbrella corp pic i made for you i thought that was going to be a packrat paragraph

  2. Woah, I forgot all about the Motley Crue and Zelda book reviews. They kinda seem like old news, you may have missed your chance to get reviews to people who were interested…

    Top Five Fat Kids Falling Videos… COUNT ME IN!!!!

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