Review: Monster Hitman

Monster HitmanOverview:

Hitman is Monster’s newest product, a tiny 3 swig shot of powerfully potent energy potion. You’re probably most familiar with 6 Hour Power energy shots, and if you’ve been looking then you’ve most likely started to see NOS, Full Throttle, and AMP putting out their own shots.

These shots are designed to give a sufficient kick that lasts for a while and has no traceable crash. Some do it better than others, and I’ll always prefer my energy drinks to be canned, hard hitting, short lived beasts with delicious tastes and aromas, but these shots are a good substitute for those who don’t like the crash, however subtle it may be.

Does Hitman nail it’s target?


Monster Hitman has an extremely strong, sweet smell that doesn’t really relate to the original drinks scent. You can connect the similarities if you’re doing a side by side comparison, but it’s hard to point out. The aroma is slightly citrusy, very sugary and extremely potent.

Energy shots have never been great tasting supplements, and while Hitman isn’t the most delicious thing out there, it’s leagues above most other shots. It has a surprisingly sweet flavor that is slightly remniscant of it’s canned father and has a thin texture that you don’t have to force down. Another thing I don’t like about most energy shots is the horrible aftertaste, but luckily Monster has developed a product that doesn’t leave you regretting putting it in your mouth.

These supplements are all about long lasting kick, and Hitman has it. It kept me going for close to 6 hours before I returned to my normal self, and left me with absolutely no crash. I noticed increased concentration, more stable performance, and a sharper and more alert mind. This is definitely a good drink to down right before school if your grades are slacking since you sleep more than you learn.

When it comes to value, Hitman is as ridiculously overpriced as it’s competition. One tiny bottle is going to run you about 4 bucks, give or take, but that’s really good considering it’s the equivelant to about 3 cans of Monster.

Final Words:

If you’ve never been one who’s enjoyed energy shots in the past, this isn’t going to make you a fan. It’s a by the books citrus supplement with a bad taste, powerful aroma, and sneaky kick that doesn’t provide the sensation of a caffeine rush.


  • Thin enough to actually swallow
  • Awesome, long-lasting kick


  • Super strong scent
  • Expensive, as are all energy shots


Overall: 8/10 (Great)

Aroma: 7.5/10
Taste: 8.0/10
Kick: 9.5/10
Value: 7/10

3 thoughts on “Review: Monster Hitman

  1. Man I hate energy shots. I’m like you and just love the canned sugary beverages. Its about more than kick for me.

    But as far as shot standards go this is a good one. As far as energy drink standards go, blugh…

    Purple gloves. 🙂

  2. I dunno, I haven’t had this but I’ve heard all those Energy Drink corporations just shit these out all at the same time because one of them was going to do it so they all had to do it or something. What i’m getting at is they are supposedly not as good as shots that were already established because they were rushed.

  3. Great that is doesn’t have that horrible aftertaste. I was impressed that it took effect so quickly and i stayed in a jittery kind of hyperness for 2 hours! that’s impressive. However, I’d rather slowly drink a Monster Kaos. Can beats shot every time.

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