Review: Dad’s Blue Cream Soda

Dad's Blue Cream SodaOverview:

Man, I sure do love me some cream soda. But even with my attraction towards the softest of all soft drinks, I’ve never seen blue cream soda before, just your standard gold, red, and clear, so the second I saw this at a local gas station I grabbed it and ran. After paying, of course. The guy at the counter had a gun!

Anyway, the Dad’s company specializes in recreating, or attempting to recreate, olde fashioned drinks that ruled the malt shops and drive-in theaters way back in the day, so as I’m sure you can imagine, most of Dad’s hook is nostalgia which seems to blind some people to the real quality of the drink. I was born in 1990, however, so reminiscing about my youth only brings thoughts of Pokemon, Bill Clinton, and Vanilla Ice, making me a prime candidate to present an honest review.


Dad’s Blue Cream Soda smells delicious. Very sweet and sugary aroma that kinda reminds me of Jones Soda’s Cream Soda, possibly a little weaker, which is to be expected when comparing a generic brand with aa name brand like Jones. The drink is very, very, maybe even too sweet. Dad’s Blue Cream Soda is not the kind of pop you drink to wash down a sandwich and some chips, it’s just too sugary and full. I can see it being, however, a nice soda for chilling out in the air conditioned house playing some Super Smash Bros or GTAIV.

Dad’s has plenty of value to it’s semigeneric brand. I bought the Big Daddy Size for only $1.29, and that was a pretty good deal for a liter of soda. Despite this, however, I probably won’t ever buy Dad’s again unless I’m in a very Blue Cream Soda mood. Which isn’t likely to happen.

Final Words:

When it comes right down to it, Dad’s Blue Cream Soda is stuck in yesterday and isn’t able to stand up to today’s standards on anything more than an average level. Dad’s is cheap, but I still am not likely to buy it ever again. I recommend people give this drink a try if they want to drink something blue, are 34 years of age, or just really like cream soda. If you’re the latter mentioned, however, you might find yourself disappointed.


  • Sweet Smell
  • Cheap


  • Way too much sugar. I mean it seriously might make you sick


Overall: 6.2/10 (Below average)

Aroma: 6.5/10 (Sweet, but slightly weak)
Taste: 5/10 (So much sugar you might puke)
Value: 7/10 (A good deal, still doesn’t warrant a purchase)

8 thoughts on “Review: Dad’s Blue Cream Soda

  1. i saw this at barts gas station the other day and was like WTF?!
    it looks yummy, but i’m not much of a cream soda fan.

  2. I’ve never seen Dad’s in plastic bottles before! I like the Root Beer but that’s about it. The rest of the flavours are too sweet for my tastes.

  3. Pokemon, Bill Clinton, snd Vanila Ice? Hahaha. I thought you were older, since you like Motley Crue and the Beastie Boys.

  4. Well, seeing that I must be from an older generation, having been born in 1969, I can come to appreciate Dad’s Blue Cream Soda, with all of the sugary rush it comes with, afterall, my generation survived Jolt Cola, lol.

  5. While I slightly disagree with the author’s rating,
    I can honestly say that I find this to be a well
    Written review.

  6. Whats wrong Boy, You dont like my soda?

    No but seriously, Blue Cream Soda is the best soda I’ve ever had… Ever!
    I became 30% happier with myself once I drank it, and quit smoking.

  7. I’m drinking it right now and it’s very good. In the beginning it tasted like ice cream and smelled like double mint bubble gum. I love it!

  8. I JUST found this at a Big Lots here in Missouri. I got the orange, blue, red, and regular. The orange tasted like a creamsicle, which I expected. The red, I’ve always liked red cream soda. I love the normal kind. But the blue may be my favorite. I love this stuff. Smooth and creamy and sweet, with the punch of carbonation. Very happy with this $1 value of delightful drinkery.

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