Review: Rum and Cola Bodyshot Little Cigars

Rum and Cola BodyShot cigars

First off, I do not recommend smoking by anyone of any age. This review is for people who have already made the conscious decision to take on the habit and inform them of other products they might enjoy. If you have not already started smoking then it’s best if you never do.


You may remember my review for the Trance flavor of Bodyshots which was posted a while back. They were a decent smoke scoring a 7.3/10 here on Everyview, held back mainly by their odor. The review has proven to be rather popular, staying on or around the top posts since written, and has warranted me several hits from Google and Yahoo, therefore I decided to review another flavor; Rum and Cola.


When it comes to taste, the Rum and Cola flavor is totally a mixed bag. On one hand the tobacco is full and rich tasting, yet on the other the flavored filter just isn’t all that good. I’m not the only one who finds these to be sub par, either. I’ve talked to several people, handing out several smokes to get their opinion and most of them agree with me, still others find them to be rather enjoyable. My good friend Bart, who recommended BodyShots to me in the first place, for example, seems to think these are tasty smokes, and many others agree. I guess when it comes right down to the taste it’s all about preference, but I can tell you most people talked to found them unsatisfactory, and I agree.

The same full, powerful odor that plagued the Trance flavor is in full effect with the Rum and Colas. I had the same problem with the strong odor being noticed by others, even those who smoke regularly, as it stuck in my hair and the fabric of my clothes. I also noticed, with these more than the Trance, an overly powerful odor on my fingers after smoking.

Cheyenne has always been known for providing rich tobacco blends for low prices and this is no exception. $1.99 per pack and lower is a great deal for a box of smokes. Like I said, people seem split between liking and loathing these, but at a mere 2 bucks you can afford to buy a pack and test them out for yourself!

Final Words:

Rum and Cola BodyShots left me rather disappointed. After listening to my friend praise them and tasting the Trance flavor I was expecting something better than what I got. If you’re looking for good, cheap cigars to smoke casually then I recommend the Trance flavor of the same brand.


  • Full, rich tobacco…
  • …at a value price
  • Flavor stays on lips for a while


  • Dissatisfying flavored filter
  • Powerful odor


Overall: 6.3/10 (Below average)

Flavor: 6/10 (Strong tobacco, but bad flavor on filter)
Odor: 5/10 (Sticky, strong odor)
Value: 8/10 (Great price, you can afford to taste them for yourself)

5 thoughts on “Review: Rum and Cola Bodyshot Little Cigars

  1. is that my box or did you go out and actually buy your own, and you should do a pre and post review on the IMPENDING DOOM since they are coming to the venue on january 8th.

  2. Yeah, that’s your box alright, david H. And I doubt I’ll do a preview for the show, I might throw a little blurb out a little closer to the show, but that’ll be about it. I’ll definitely be there, though.

    And I love these gloves, too.

  3. i will say this at affordabillity there great our town
    had cheyannes and they are unatractive looking like a cheap brand swisher sweets lil cigars for me

  4. I love the Trance, but only like the rum and colas. The Trance is delicious! The r&c….. Very tasty. But is it r&c…Or is it gingerbread?? Seriously, I could go either way with them. Two flavors that are nothing alike are somehow exactly alike.

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