Review: Kronik Energy

Kronik EnergyOverview:

You’d probably think a generic energy drink called Kronik would be totally gross, as did I. I did, however, walk away from the can feeling slightly less satisfied than other drinks would leave me, yet a little surprised that I wasn’t throwing up or seeing clowns come out of the walls.

Straight from the can:


Why is this legal but Cocaine Energy isn’t? Oh well.


Kronik energy smells exactly like grapefruit. It’s not subtle nor is it a scent you have to ponder on. It smells just like it. Which is good if you like grapefruit. I think it’s got a slightly sour scent to it, but it gets the mouth watering and isn’t overpowering or gross.

While the aroma is certainly unique, the taste is not. It’s the perfect stereotypical generic energy drink taste. Slightly sweet, extremely salty, a little medicinal, and overly dehydrating. The good thing about Kronik versus some other generics is that it has no disgusting aftertaste.

This supplement left me with a decent kick that was, unfortunately, slightly jittery. It wasn’t overwhelming, and was hidden behind the caffeine rush, but however subtle it may have been it was there. I drank it after dark and it managed to keep me going well into the wee hours of the morning, which sadly wasn’t enough to finish my final project for class, but it tried it’s best.

Kronik comes in the regular 2-serving, 16 fl oz aluminum can at the industry standard tag of $1.99.

Final Words:

Kronik is named after an illegal substance, just like Cocaine Energy, but hasn’t been banned or ordered to change the name of their product by the government. Which is beside the point, but it still annoys me. Anyway, Kronik is an overly generic drink which fails to excel on any front. It’s not, in any way, bad, but it’s strictly average.


Overall: 7.25/10 (Average)

Aroma: 7.5/10 (Smells like grapefruit)
Taste: 7/10 (Cliche generic energy drink taste in every way)
Kick: 7.5/10 (Long lasting, but brings slightly jittery feeling)
Value: 7.0/10

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  1. It really does smell exactly like grapefruit. It tastes nothing like it though. Not bad, but not something l ever buy again, not with products like Monster that are way better for the same price.

  2. you review close to my opinion except i only had to pay 50 cent the other kronik flavors are not bad ether the fruit punch one has a good taste and kronik grind dose a well. good for a good day unloading a 1400 piece truck with a crew on 5 people total and only hand carts with in 2.5 hours. for your jitters they will pass in time with the more caffeine tolerance you have. for example i can drink 2 spike shooters with 300 mg of caffeine in them each. 500 mg it deadly to most people i can withstand slightly more then 600 mg.

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