5,000 Hits and Going Strong

Wow. 5,000 hits already. I honestly didn’t expect this to happen until sometime in early 2009, but here we are. The site has been running for only about 3 months and we’ve managed to build a decent reputation with some companies who’s products we’ve reviewed, earn some loyal readers, and most importantly, write about what we love to write about.

I started this blog to review products that I cared about. Energy drinks, video games, and food, for example, were some of the main things I wanted to let people know about. I started it as a passing hobby, but it has since grown into an integral part of my daily rituals. It’s been over a month with no posts, and I’m constantly checking statistics and referrals.

So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who visits the site on a daily basis, to everyone who takes the 6 seconds required to leave a comment, special thanks to my good friend Zack Deal for giving me the idea to start this blog, and a BIG thanks to anyone who has ever referred anyone to this site. And as always, keep reading Everyview!

8 thoughts on “5,000 Hits and Going Strong

  1. that’s awesome!.. just hitting 1,000 hits is great, what more if it’s 5,000. just awesome!!.. keep all those great posts comin’ [wink*]

    just passing by but i was caught by your 5,000 hits. & yes i am one of the 5,000+ hits you have.

  2. 2 kudos. Wait, where is the kudos button? Wait, this isn’t myspace? Fuck this shit!

  3. 2 kudos. Wait, where is the kudos button? Wait, this isn’t myspace? Fuck this shit!

  4. HAHAHA wtf is up with this myspace shit? Anyway, awesome. I remember the 1,000 hits benchmark just recently, and that was a big deal. Imagine when you get up to 50,000 hits. I’ll be right here reading with you all the way, guys. This is a great site. Keep up the awesome work.

  5. I see, Zac. Don’t thank your writers. Ass.


    Anyway, this is an awesome mark. Looking forward to the future with this site.

  6. And a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG Thank you to all of my contributors for helping make this possible! Great job guys!!!

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