’08 Holiday Buyer’s Guide: For the Movie Lover

Who doesn’t love movies? Anyone can sit down and enjoy a flick with his/her sweetheart or a group of pals, a bag of chips, and a 2-liter of Mountain Dew and have a great time. These are some of the best flicks to pick up for the movie buff in your family.


  • The Dark Knight

why so seriousThe Dark Knight was probably the biggest theatrical release of 2008, and for good reasons. First off, it was the first good Batman film in a long time. In fact, it is considered by many to be not only the greatest superhero movie ever, but also the best overall film of all time. Second, anyone who considered themselves a fan of Heath Ledger made it a goal to go see his final project. While some were skeptical of having a gay cowboy play someone as sinister as the Joker, he proved to be far more than perfect for the part. Definitely a no-brainer.
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  • Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Setrambo

I ask you, loyal readers. Is anything more awesome than Rambo? Bullets, slurred speach, muscles, sweat, blood, and bullets. Bullets everywhere. This awesome Collector’s Set comes with all four movies and over 20 bonus features. The best part is the set is only about 32 bucks from Amazon, making it a fairly stellar deal as things like this usually go for about fifty or so.

In fact, the only real downside to Rambo is that you almost have to watch it with subtitles if you care about the dialogue. But why would you care about the story with so much sweat, blood and muscles? Exactly.
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  • Wall-E

Possibly the cutest and most romantic robot movie ever made, Wall-E is one of the few movies absolutely everyone can enjoy. If you are a person with a heart, you’ll love this brilliant film. Wall-E is basically a tale of a robot who falls in love with another robot then goes to outer space where everyone is fat because the Earth is too dirty. Sounds stupid, right? Wrong. Wall-E’s amazing story is told through a dialogue composed almost entirely of robotic beeps and some of the most amazing CG out there. This is a wonderful movie that was expertly crafted and deserves a look. And because it’s a movie the whole family can enjoy, save some money and just buy one copy and address it to the whole family! Awesome!
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  • The Ultimate Matrix Collection (blu-ray)

ultimate matrix collectionThe Matrix? Hell yes. While it’s true that most people who are fans of the trilogy already have all three films, not a lot of people have all three films in this usually expensive blu-ray collector’s edition package. The trilogy will often cost over 130 smacks, but if you pick it up from Amazon now it’ll only run you a measily $75.

The Matrix trilogy also easily stands up against more recently released CG heavy films despite being a couple of years old, and it also still features some of the most awesome action sequences of all time. An awesome gift at an awesome price from Amazon.
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The Bigger Gift

Only get this awesome HDTV for the girl who’s pants you are trying to enter, or an elderly relative who you know is going to die soon granting you access to take it back. Plus, they are going to put you in their will. So you get yourself an awesome TV and a whole punch of free money from grammy’s will. Awesome.

  • Bravia V-Series LCD HDTVs


In the past, Sony has been unjustly cornered into the more common-bracket HDTV market. While reception has always been positive to some degree, the Sony displays never seem to get the credit due to them, especially in the case of the new Sony Bravia V-Series, which are some of the most balanced and high-performing displays within the $3,000 or less price tier. The V-Series possesses some of the deepest black levels and naturalistic color representation of most televisions in the lower-to-mid price ranges. One model in the series, the Sony Bravia 40V4100, is a particularly high value, with a 25,000:1 contrast ratio, full 1080p resolution, and a host of digital video inputs for an MSRP of $1,399. The V-Series come in a variety of sizes beginning at 40″ and going all the way up to 52″. The 2008 V-Series is still a young product line, having debuted for the first time this year at CES, but we’re certain consumers will soon find the value in Sony’s latest offerings.

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  1. I love Wall-e, and I’m a 19 year old recovering drug addict who just got out of jail.

    And I agree that the dark night is probably the single greatest comic book movie ever made. Rip heath ledger.

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  3. I so love Rambo. And you can understand him just fine, by the way.

    well… maybe not. But still, he kicks ass!

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