Dec. ’08 Indie Band of the Month: The Marys

The first band to win Everyview’s Indie Band of the Month Award is The Marys, an awesome indie band stationed in Atalanta, Georgia.


First debuting in the Spring of 2004, The Marys is a 4-piece indie rock band heavily influenced by old time rock and roll. Consisting of members Bernard and Brian Balatbat, Mike Baldemor, and Rob Belom, The Marys have evolved a sound that resembles sort of a mix between Jet, AC/DC, and The Kinks with heavy influence from The Strokes, Velvet Revolver and of course, The Beatles.

Recent achivements include releasing their first album entitled “Now Playing” which is for sale here, and placing 2nd in Audition Atlanta.

The Marys are an awesome indie band and are very deserving of the first ever Everyview Indie Band of the Month Award. Check out their myspace to hear more of their wonderful old time rock sound, add them as a friend, and stick their banner on your page.

Have a good time and keep reading Everyview!

10 thoughts on “Dec. ’08 Indie Band of the Month: The Marys

  1. @marianne

    Asians are pretty amazing.

    Anyway, awesome. Love this idea. This is a great band I wouldn’t have otherwise known existed and I’m definitely a fan. Don’t think there’s a chance of you guys ever coming way out west, do ya?

  2. meh, they’re decent. I guess this isn’t really the sound I dig the most. They’re good for what they are.

  3. I’ve seen these guys live! They put on a rather entertaining show in all honesty! Congrats guys!

    Peace from Western Georgia!

  4. is there a place we can leave a comment on somthing not pertaining to any specific topic, but are you going to do any coverage on this wednesdays show.

  5. @david H

    Leave general questions on the contact page.

    And yes I am doing dylan kirk and maybe a few other bands.

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