’08 Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Nintendo DS

These games are great for the Nintendo DS owner looking for a little something to spice up the wait for the American launch of the DSi, which sadly won’t be until sometime 2009. Most likely mid-year or later! Anyway, here are some awesome games, listed in no particular order, to add to your email for St. Nick, or get for a loved one.

  • Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ

little red riding hood's zombie bbqYeah, that’s really the name of this game. And while reviews mostly tag the game as mediocre, there’s no arguing that this is the single greatest concept in the history of the entire Earth. Developer EnjoyUP took some of the most popular fairy tale characters around and transformed them into totally awesome zombies that want some brains to munch on. It’s up to you, Little Red Riding Hood herself, to put a bullet in these bastards’ heads one reanimated corpse after another. Awesome? Yes.
(Sourced: 1up.com/Review: 1up’s Review/img via)

  • Korg DS-10 Synthesizer

Alright, so this one really isn’t a game at all. But it is, in my defense, totally awesome. It’s a full featured synthesizer right in the palm of your hand, complete with touch screen havoc pad and everything! Think the music making mode for the GameBoy Camera, only 100x better. This’ll make the perfect gift for the techno rat who wants to take his rave on the go!
(Sourced: 1up.com/Review: 1up’s Review)

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour

guitar hero ds

Well duh. Everyone loves Guitar Hero, and lots of people have a DS. The perfect gift for those who love to rock out with their pockets inside out. An awesome set list, sweet touch screen controls, and an innovative pack-in peripheral that mimics the feel of the actual Guitar Hero controller for consoles. It’s not the best Guitar Hero game, but it’s one of the best handheld rhythm-action games out there.
(Review: World 1-1’s Review/img via)

  • N+

N+ on the Nintendo DS is basically the free downloadable game with tons of extras including an awesome level editor. This would make a good gift for someone trying to stop shooting up heroine, because it’s almost just as addictive and would make a nice substitute. N+ is also a good game for people who love ninjas and puzzles. It’s also a good game for just about anyone. A perfect game for the DS, indeed.
(Sourced IGN/Review: CNET’s Review)

  • Chrono Trigger


Chrono Trigger is often hailed as the single greatest JRPG of all time and Square’s best work, even over Final Fantasy VII. The problem is that not many people of today’s generation have gotten to play it. Well lucky for everyone who’s never touched this game, Square Enix just rereleased this work of perfection on the Nintendo DS. This is definitely a must-buy for anyone who’s ever enjoyed an RPG, so go get it.
(Review: IGN’s Review/img via)

Go ahead and let us know what’s on your X-Mas list! Leave a comment!

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10 thoughts on “’08 Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Nintendo DS

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  2. Wow, that zombie bbq game is actually real.

    Anyway, I don’t have a ds but I plan on getting my nephews castlevania ooe, advance wars dor, guitar hero, and now chrono trigger and N+. Nice guide, helped me out a little!

  3. I don’t have a DS yet. I’m waiting for the DSi, actually so none of these games help me at all lol. What other guides are you doing?

  4. @tallboy

    Yeah, I was just as surprised as you are, my friend. Also glad I could help!


    PC buyer’s guide just went live, and you obviously have a PC or you wouldn’t be here, so go check that out.

  5. meh, I’ve tried the GH for the DS. The 4 buttons makes it easy enough for an autistic 4-year-old to play.

  6. however, I’ve heard excellent things about N+, and loved the first game, N.

  7. Killer list. I love how you did a mixture of gems (zombie bbq, korg, N+) and bigger titles (gh) and one game that every person needs to buy whether they have a DS or not (chrono trigger).

    I’m definitely going for Korg now that you reminded me it exists, as well as castlevania and FFIII, as I’ve yet to play it. I got CT the day it came out though so I don’t need it.

    Nice list

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