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Gazzu is a strange product. I really think the people who made this were trippin out on something. Hard. Why do I say this? Check out what they have as their product description on the back our the can:

This Gazzu is something really different. They tell me that it’s a guarded secret formula used to make it, and the word it it’s not from Earth. I know this guy, who is connected, and he told me the secret ingredient is like moon dust! They figured out how to grow it in these labs, like crystals. Man, this stuff is crazy, it tastes better than any energy drink I’ve ever had.

Awesome energy and taste that’s like ….. cosmic. It’s Gazzu!! Hey, gimme a G.

Moon dust? Really? Hmm.


Gazzu’s can makes it look like the people behind this cosmic supplement were going for a very Monster feel, maybe even trying to confuse consumers. There’ve been times when, honest to God, I’ve gone for a Monster at my local gas station and walked up to the counter with this stuff. Maybe that’s just me, but if it was done on purpose it’s an effective marketing strategy.

Gazzu has a very generic scent to it, like most other smaller or less known drinks. I don’t want to call them generic, but I guess many could consider them so. Anyway, the drink has a very basic, sweet smell that seems sorta like a mix between bubble gum and marshmallows. Not really all that appetizing, honestly.

Going hand-in-hand with my theory that Gazzu was “heavily inspired” by Monster is the taste. But it’s not good. It seems like they tried to go for something that tasted at least remotely similar to the green gold that constantly tops the energy drink sales charts, but they’ve failed. Miserably. All you can taste when you drink it is cough syrup with sugar, sugar, sugar, a little sugar, sugar, and more sugar. It’s really no where near the bar set by the other drinks of today, even those “generic” and lesser known beverages.

On top of all that, Gazzu leaves this horrible gritty feeling on your teeth and a thick covering of Moon Dust (?) in your mouth that leaves you thirsty and wanting something better to drink.

So far I haven’t really had anything too good to say about Gazzu, and that doesn’t change with the kick. This supplement delivers the worst kind of buzz you can get from an energy supplement, the tingly and shaky punch that leaves you unable to concentrate and perform, not like Cocaine or Full Throttle which deliver satisfying kicks that’ll keep you going for hours.

The drink comes in the standard 2 serving, 16 fl oz can for a lower price than the big boys like Rockstar or Bawls. How much cheaper? About 20 cents, nothing spectacular, but you’re saving some coin none the less. Still, I can’t recommend Gazzu to anyone unless you really just want to try it. Everything about it is mediocre, and $1.79 is too expensive for this supplement, eve if it does come from outer space or whatever.

Final Words:
I usually like to root for the lesser knowns, but I can’t do it for Gazzu. They didn’t master a formula that delivers a tasty scent, delicious flavor, or satisfying kick. They just kinda threw one together. You really want a G? You can have it.


  • Cheaper than some others
  • Product description delivers a cheap laugh, but for the wrong reasons.


  • Aroma
  • Taste
  • Kick


Overall: 5.6/10 (Less than bearable)

Aroma: 6.0/10 (Not bad, not appetizing)
Taste: 4.5/10 (Pretty bad, leaves horrible gritty feeling to teeth)
Kick: 5.0/10 (Gives a shaky buzz, no kick)
Value: 7.0/10 (Cheaper than others, but still too much for this product)

15 thoughts on “Review: Gazzu Energy

  1. godamn wen will u jus give up all of this bulshit enrge shit tast liek total shit all the time y dont u getcha all sum mans drnk liek vodka or somethin jesus buncha litle pusy wankrs neway as gay as it is i hav 2 agre wiht u this is total shit and tasts so bad ur mom sed it was as bad as havn me and ur dad cum in hr mouht at teh same tiem but i gess u no wut thats like 2 lol

  2. Love how buttmunch bitches about energy drinks, but he claims to drink them as well. Seems a little moronic.

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  5. LOL I actually like this drink… well Cherry anyways I work 3rd shift so I need something to boost me on my 13 hour shifts. All I can say is i drink 2 of these and im fighting ot go to sleep before I have to go back to work the next night for my next shift. Good taste good energy no aftertaste to me and $2/2 lol cant pass it up

  6. dude i think this stuff is great, i went into the gas station one day and i went for my normal SOBE No Fear, when i saw gazzu and figured wth. great stuff, great taste, ive had quite a few of my friends try it and they all liked it also, idk thats just my personal opinion.

  7. oh and buttmunch, u should really learn to spell before trying to give a review, just sayin.

  8. My friend got a few of these from work and he gave me one of them. I loved it. The aftertaste seriously reminds me of Skittles.

  9. I just drank two cans, the Energy flavor and Cherry. Feeling pretty good and the taste is not bad. Taste a bit like Monster. Why such a bad review at the top??????

  10. You must be some kind of a fucking idiot. The gritty residue left on your teeth must be nothing more than a mixture of plaque and leftover semen. the taste of Gazzu isnt so bad and it sure tastes better than that gorilla piss that you love known as Monster. If you would like a kick from a drink, the next time you smoke on a dude’s penis ask him to kick your nuts into your belly. You should have been a blowjob. I DEMAND that you slap your parents the next time you see them.

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