Coming in December

This December we are going to be some busy bloggers. First on the menu is a new award we are granting to only the most skilled, talented and deserving of Indie bands called, duh, Everyview’s Indie Band of the Month Award! The first band to win this coveted award will be revealed the first day of December, so check back for that.

We are also going to make some Holiday Shopper’s Guides. Everything from gifts for gamers, energy drink fanatics/addicts, the tobacco lover, the geek, the musician, and even for the old man down the street will be covered in our shopper’s guides. Excited? I know.

Anyway, that was just a quick update since I don’t feel like working on the Land of the Dead review that’s almost a month overdo.

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  1. Land of the Dead? George A. Romero? Ugh. I’m not a huge fan of “traditional” zombie flicks in all honesty. I prefer the fast moving bastards in 28 days later/Dawn of the Dead (the remake you reviewed, not Romero’s)

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