New Superhydrophobic Technology From GE

That’s right, folks. GE has been spending their time developing a new superhydrophobic surface… for those of you that don’t know, it’s a surface that repels water. The cool thing about this one, it’s actually so effective, the water can actually “bounce” off of it. They’ve captured this using some high-speed cameras.

6 thoughts on “New Superhydrophobic Technology From GE

  1. I was having the same issue, as well. For anyone else having that issue, just move the video forward a few seconds and it’ll be alright.

    As for what it’s used for, well, the only things I really know of are those spill-resistant pants. But GE may be making it for some new stuff that we haven’t seen yet. =D

  2. From

    “Imagine applications that involve high speed water droplets, such as wind turbine blade, airplane wing, or even just your car in motion. These are just a couple of the exciting possibilities that we are looking at.”

  3. well, i got the video to work… try moving the cursor past the first couple seconds. the video is very slow and drawn out anyways, youre not missing much in the first second.

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