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BodyShot brand little cigars are produced by Cheyenne International LLC and come in a few different flavors including Rum and Cola, Mojito, and Trance, the latter product is the one being reviewed. BodyShot is from the same upstart company that provides smokers with Cheyenne tobacco, 901’z Menthol, and Cayman natural tobacco cigarettes.

Trance BodyShot cigars

Are these really worth a shot? Let’s check it out.


BodyShot Trance cigars have a sweet, sugary flavored filter that easily runs head to head with even the best flavored little cigars on the market, and at a value price tag. The tobacco seems to be of fairly decent quality and the smoke is very aromatic and easy to inhale. Trance performs well overall in the taste department until the latter half of the cigar, in which the smoke starts to taste rather atrocious and the flavor wears off of the filter. It recommend you don’t smoke past 75%, which isn’t that big of a deal since they are so cheap.

Now these smell very strong, just like most cigars. The smoke is very full in smell and sticks on clothes and in your hair very prominently. Smoke one of these and everyone will know it. I also suggest that you don’t smoke in your car, as it will become stained with a powerful scent that doesn’t go away easily at all.

Like I’ve said several times, these are priced rather cheap for the fair quality of the tobacco and delicious sweet flavor on the filter. They come in 20 100’s for a price of $1.99 per pack. Take into account the quality of tobacco and this is a very reasonable price.

Final Words:

BodyShots are a deliciously sweet, smooth tasting cigar at a very reasonable price tag. I recommend them as casual smokes, but they arent’ cigarettes of course so you’ll be hard pressed to satisfy a nicotine craving with these.


Overall: 7.3/10 (Average, lost points for odor)
8.5/10 (Sweet filter, smooth and full tasting tobacco)
Aroma: 5/10 (Thick and full odor sticks to fabrics and hair)
Value: 8.5/10 (Very reasonably priced)

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone or suggest smoking or tobacco use of any manor. Smoking causes cancer and other health deficiencies and I do not suggest that anyone who does not already smoke begin the habit. It is addictive and poisonous.

10 thoughts on “Review: BodyShot Little Cigars-Trance

  1. haha i always see these little things on the counter in barts gas station. i never knew the cheyenne people made these.
    they’re interesting little name choices for these bad boys made me interested in seeing how people would like them.
    and leave it up to zac to let me know.
    and smoking down to the 75% point hahaha good advice i suppose.
    you’re quite the handy man zac pritcher.

  2. fair review, i was satisfied by the taste to look past the unusual odor. the “Rum and Cola” flavor was exceptionally good.

  3. @faggotbreath

    The marathon on ft harrison and 13th is where I got mine. I’m sure there’s others too.

  4. I’ve tried the Mojito Bodyshot Cigars and they are pretty good, they burn slowly and the price is awesome, i pay basically less than $1.77 for a pack and they are good to smoke once in a while not as bad as cigarettes, the smell isnt that bad, just carry with a good perfume duh! <333

  5. I tried these!!! They be tasty as FUCK!

    Let us FUCK!!!

  6. i tried the rum and cola and it was an ok smoke… considering i dont smoke more than a hooka but it had such a sweet taste on my lips, i was licking them for hours.

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