Review: Monster Mixxd

Monster MixxdOverview:

Ahh, Monster Mixxd. What can I say about you that you can’t say better? A lot. Let’s see what you say about yourself:

Straight from the can:

It’s midnight Wednesday and the house party is about to go off. Everyone is jacked-up on the latest batch of jungle juice cooking in the kettle. Bring back any memories?

How can a little bit of everything taste so good and work so damned quick. That’s kinda what we were thinking when we came up with Monster MIXXD. We took a bunch of our back-up flavors, tossed ’em together, F-NA it’s a masterpiece.

Monster MIXXD has a juiced-up flavor you can’t describe and a creeper buzz you won’t deny.

Don’t take our word for it. Check it out yourself. If you don’t like MIXXD you can have your money back.

Now let’s see what I have to say about you, Monster Mixxd.


This is the third Juice Monster review, and man is it bad. Really bad. At least you can get your money back, right? Let’s see if it’s even worth that.

When you open the can you’ll notice a smell of wine and toenails. Yeah, those must’ve been a couple of the back-up flavors they were talking about. It’s a smell you can deal with, I guess, but it’s your right as a human being to quit right now while you’re ahead.

Still going? Alright, you’ve got bawls. Let’s taste it. Bad idea. Mixxd tastes kinda like really stale wine and some other gross things. I really don’t know, to be completely honest. It’s just plain bad, that’s the only way I can describe it. What makes it even worse is that the only can I’ve ever found is the 24oz supplement. Ugh, can you imagine drinking 24oz of cat musk, moose urine and human flesh extract? Me neither, but I’m just making sure everyone understands how bad I find this drink to be.

Like I just said, the only way I’ve ever found it was in the 24oz can for $2.49. Remember how good of a bargain Khaos and M-80 were, with their revolutionary ability to fit 150% and 180% substance into 100% of volume, respectively? Well, Mixxd drops in with 30% juice, 100% Monster, and too much% random and disgusting flavors. That comes to way too much suffering% for 100% volume! But you can get your money back if you don’t like it, and chances are you won’t.

Final Words:

It may sound like I’m just being hard on Monster MIXXD, and I really am. Understand that some people like and some people don’t. I obviously hate it, but Patricker loves it. If you get the chances to try it then go for it, after all if you don’t like it you’ll get your money back.


  • Interesting concept
  • Money back guarantee


  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Only found in 24oz can


Overall: 5.3/10 (Safe to try due to money back guarantee)
4.0/10 (ugh)
Taste: 3.0/10 (ugh)
Value: 9/10 (money back guarantee means it’s basically free)

8 thoughts on “Review: Monster Mixxd

  1. Yeah! This is what I was talking about in my comment for your khaos review! This stuff is so gross!

  2. Nice review, Zac. It’s a shame you didn’t really like the taste.

    By the way, I work with Stacker 2 and we\’ve got an energy shot called 6 Hour Power. I was wondering if you could take this short, anonymous survey about our drink:

    If you do take it, that would be great if you could e-mail me and let me know you did. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as well. I hope to hear back from you soon. Cheers.

    Franklin Keane
    Brand Ambassador

  3. I disagree with your opinion on this one. Best tasting Monster other than the original/locarb, IMO. Tastes like grape juice to me and I do like grape juice. Kick is there as usual and it goes down really smooth. It is certainly a stronger taste, though.

  4. @ac

    That’s why I said some people like it and some don’t. That’s also why I allow for comments, so you guys can voice your own opinions! 😀

  5. I do love a good batch of jungle juice. 🙂 I can’t picture drinking anything now that taste like that, and it being good. I have used energy drinks for years. I used to drink nothing but sugar free red bull, but I stumbled on a much healthier and cheaper version. Energyfizz, this is The Healthy Red Bull. You’ll never drink coffee again, and have all day energy. A combo energy drink and vitamin supplement, the healthiest energy drink on the market. 41,667 RDA of B12 per serving. That is a b12 shot the athletes get” Watch this free video now at Purchase some today this will help you balance your hectic schedule.

  6. MIXXD is my Fav, I will go to every store till I find one that has it. I love the taste, it dont have that powdery taste and IT is real smooth to drink. I but them a case at a time and keep them at home so no stopping at the store. Keep making them and I will keep drinking them. Dislike all the other flavors. Tks, Jenn MIXXED Drinker

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