Help Cocaine Fight for our Rights!

Cocaine Energy drink is under complete assault. Because the drink is called Cocaine the Government wants to put them down! Don’t we have freedom of speech? I thought so. Don’t we have the right as Americans to say whatever we want? I thought so. Hmm…

Help Cocaine fight to protect our freedom of speech by making a PayPal donation here. Every penny counts, even the smallest donation with help their legal fund grow into something that could become a revolution, so don’t just sit there! Sit there and click some buttons to give Cocaine some cash, it’s for a just cause, I assure you.

Drink Cocaine, fight the Man!

0 thoughts on “Help Cocaine Fight for our Rights!

  1. haha i’ve had like 3 of these.
    i bought 1 in alabama and 2 at other real random places.

    it kinda burns your throat

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