0 thoughts on “Grip It and Rip It: Ripstik Movie

  1. dude fuckn wutever ripstiks r fukn gay every1 knws they suk yr balls nd theier gay as fuck liek sweaty man on man butt luv so fuk them stik 2 sk8borading u fukkin fags o wait nvrmind u prolly cant even sk8 on a real bord u fukn gay ass panzy posers and wtf is wiht this shity ass fuckn music if u culd evn call it music it fuckn sux i hear bettr music cumming frm ur mom wen i fuck her drippng wet pusy as she mones and scream


  2. wow your a d-bag
    punk rock sucks ass lol
    and ripstiking is way more fun than “sk8boarding”
    go ahead call ripstikers posers atleast their having fun, instead of practicing tricks they’ll never land lol

  3. hey those look kick ass, also xaq i love the site but i think it would be awsome if you do local reviews, such as the skate park our local headshop headstones, tywon terrys, local food joints. also get some interviews from locals like jack from headstones some local band members…..me, and your movies are always great some fiction and nonfiction movies, they alays draw me in. just some things that i think would help your site out significantly, keep up the good work.

  4. @david H

    Ripstiks are kickass.

    I DO do some local coverage, sir. I’m working on a skate video called TH Skate, I cover local bands and offer video recordings, and I’m starting an Indy band of the month segment. If any bands from terre haute ever get good enough you bet your ass they will get that award.

    This isn’t my movie. There’s a link to the dude’s youtube channel right under the vid if you want to check his other stuff out.

    And this is, as you know, mainly a review site. I’ve been getting stuff from some bigger companies to review, so I aim for a demographic outside of terre haute. I’ll probably start doing special local segments, since I’m always open to suggestions. ;D

    Thanks for the recommendation, bud. I really appreciate it. Keep reading Everyview!

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