Review: NOS Energy Drink

At least the bottle's cool

At least the bottle is cool


Nos comes in a super awesome bottle. It’s seriously one of the neatest containers for an energy drink I’ve ever seen. It’s a 22oz blue bottle designed to look like a tank of Nitrous Oxide, hence the name NOS.

I can’t really compliment much of what’s inside the bottle, though. Mainly because it’s bad. Nos is one of those horribly salty, medicine-like drinks that make your teeth feel gritty and your stomach cry. Well, it’s not that bad, but it’s definitely not good.


Nos has somewhat of a citrus-like scent that makes your mouth water, mainly because it’s a little on the sour side. The aroma is actually probably the only redeeming quality about this liquid besides the kick.

Speaking of kick, this drink packs it’s fair share. Nos’ energy blend contains taurine, L-carnitine, caffeine, Inositol, and panax ginseng. The only thing bad about the Nos kick is that it’s very short lived and follows with a minor crash. But since it comes in a 22oz bottle there’s plenty for now, savor a small kick, drink more to avoid a crash. That’s one of the many redeeming qualities about bottles over cans.

Now that we discussed the high point of NOS, we can discuss it’s ultimate low. The drink tastes horrible. It’s like they took some cheap cough syrup and mixed it with salt, saltwater, sodium, and salt. Nos was obviously only constructed to give a caffeine high, and it shows as I find it to be one of the worst tasting energy drinks out there. It’s so salty. Blech.

Nos comes in it’s neat 22oz Nitrous tank bottle for about $3.29. 22oz.  $3.29. Way too damn expensive. Monster’s Mega supplement is 24oz for only $2.49 and it’s a whole hell of a lot better tasting. I really see no reason to waste good, green money on something as mediocre as Nos, but for some reason a fair amount of people like it. A lot of the people who like it seem to have really bad decision making skills, so that could explain it. My girlfriend loves it, for instance, and for some reason she thought it would be a good idea to date me. See what I mean?

Final Words:

Nos is salty, salty, salty. And it kinda tastes like medicine. It’s way too damn expensive and there are far superior drinks out there for much cheaper.


  • Sweet bottle
  • Sufficient kick


  • Way overpriced
  • Extremely salty, medicinal


Overall: 6.6/10 (Doable)
7.5/10 (nothing special, kinda citrusy)
Taste: 5.5/10 (pretty gross. Overly salty, medicinal taste)
Kick: 8.0/10 (sufficient, but nothing awesome. Followed by small crash)
Value: 5.5/10 (Way overpriced. If you must drink NOS, get the 16oz cans instead)

7 thoughts on “Review: NOS Energy Drink

  1. I haven’t tried Nos before…not sure what to think after reading this review. Hahaha. Have you tried 6 Hour Power? That’s my favorite one. It comes in three flavors which is awesome because you definitely find something you like. Also, there’s no gnarly crash but a great boost of energy!

    I work for Stacker 2 and we’ve got an energy drink type survey right now and I’d love it if you took it! It’s over at and it’s super quick ! I’d really appreciate it! Oh, and if you take it, let me know? 🙂

    Thanks so much! I hope it’s cool I commented on your blog! Let me know if you have any questions!

    Amanda Burke
    Brand Ambassador

  2. NOS is really gross. I don’t understand why people buy it and think it’s good.

  3. i love nos its sooooooooooooo good. the first time i drank one i thought it tasted like shit but my friend let me have some of his and then i thought it tasted great. u have to drink it a copple time b4 u love it.

  4. i thought the drink was alright. and you didnt mention you can take the top off and put it on any bottle lid

  5. The reason some people aren’t keen on NOS is because of what it’s made with. Monster does have the best kick, but I like NOS because most of the time I just want a good-tasting drink. And I’m not really sure what the heck Monster is supposed to taste like anyway, so I actually consider it extremely medicinal, just not in a Robitussin+club soda type way (mind you, M-80 is damn near the best energy drink I’ve ever had) But NOS is basically passionfruit soda. Most people don’t even know what the heck passionfruit is. I’m Jamaican, so most island nationalities are very familiar with their fruits (probably why I like M-80 so friggin’ much) so that’s why I like NOS. The new Citrus Punch flavor (comes in a green can) tastes great too! The nastiest flavor of NOS I have tried is the Cherry one, supposed to be for enhanced mental focus, but the only thing I can focus on is how bad it tastes.

  6. Weird, considering I love NOS because of the fact that it DOESN’T taste like traditional energy drink/in the least medicinal. To me it tastes just like passionfruit. Though I guess if you don’t know what passionfruit tastes like, you might identify that flavor as medicine/vitamins.

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