PackRat Paragraphs: Twilight Princess Belt Buckle

Twilight Princess Belt BuckleAlright, so anyone who’s ever met me knows I’m a huge Zelda fan. I mean HUGE. That is why I had no problem dropping $20 for this awesome belt buckle I found at Hot Topic a while back. It’s definitely far from the most awesome piece of Zelda related fandom I own, but it’s still pretty nifty.

I’ve found it for as high as thirty bucks on the e-webs, which is $10 more than I paid. I imagine by the time I’m 65 it should be worth a fine sum in rupees!

2 thoughts on “PackRat Paragraphs: Twilight Princess Belt Buckle

  1. @tallboy2112

    I told you I was getting to it! I already had the picture of my belt buckle, though. How about in 2 weeks? Can you wait that long, buddy?

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