Review: Starbucks Vanilla Energy+Coffee


So I’ve reviewed several of the Java Monster products and have complained about the lack of kick and how they all taste way too similar. That’s why I decided to pick up the vanilla flavored Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee this morning on my way to class. I wanted to see if Starbucks Doubleshot Energy can deliver where Java Monster’s don’t shine.

Straight from the can:

Your extra shot. Starbucks DoubleShot Energy+Coffee. A powerful, great-tasting brew of B vitamins, guarana, ginseng and natural proteins from milk. Charged up with coffee and vanilla. That extra surge to keep you energized and alert. Are you ready for more?


Remember me complaining about the flavor and aroma being all too similar in the Java Monster products? Well this energy coffee doesn’t really differentiate itself from those drinks, but it does have stronger coffee scent and a richer taste. The delicious vanilla creme flavor sits wonderfully in the cold brew and is complemented with the wonderfully sweet scent of coffee and creme. However, it does have a bit of a bitter taste to it due to the ginseng added to the blend.

The kick is really just as lackluster as Java Monster in the sense that it doesn’t get you to quiver in shake due to the large amounts of a caffeine and other chemicals rushing through your blood, but it does help you wake up and pay attention in the earlier hours of the morning.

The only thing that keeps this product from becoming my new favorite energy coffee is the price. DoubleShot is considerably more expensive than the already overpriced cold coffees on the market, but that’s the price you pay for brand recognition.

Final Words:

Starbucks Vanilla DoubleShot Energy+Coffee races neck and neck with Java Monster until the factor of cost comes into play. If you’ve got the extra coin in your pocket then I can wholly recommend Starbucks Over Java, but if you’re like me then it’s probably more cost efficient to stick to Monster’s brew.


  • Sweet scent
  • Full, rich vanilla flavor


  • Slightly bitter bite to it’s taste
  • Even more costly than other cold coffees


Overall: 7.4/10 (Good)
8.0/10 (really sweet)
Taste: 8.0/10 (actually tastes like coffee, slightly bitter)
Kick: 7.0/10 (helps you pay attention in those early classes)
Value: 6.5/10 (why are cold coffees so costly?)

4 thoughts on “Review: Starbucks Vanilla Energy+Coffee

  1. Meh, I’m really not a fan of cold coffees. Ill have the occasional mean bean if the mood is right, but that’s about it.

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