Pokemon: Presidential Election Battle

I was doing some browsing over on a great blog called Superphillip Central and found what is possibly the most awesome thing in the history of the Earth. Well, for a long time at least. He posted a little .GIF image which I have placed below. Enjoy!

The full '08 elections story. Pokemon style.

The full '08 election story. Pokemon style!

I know this would’ve been nice for on of my election day posts, but I just recently found it. And don’t forget to check out SuperPhillip Central to see what else he’s posted that you might enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Pokemon: Presidential Election Battle

  1. So I checked out thatSuperphillip site. Its pretty sweet. Can you believe I’ve never gone to any of the sites on your blogroll before?

    I’m gonna start though. You guys seem to have pretty good taste.

  2. hahahahahahahahahhahaha….



    this guy has it down to the right exp levels and everything… lol

    great stuff

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